pick 4 whats the average


in the state of Ga. where a double comes out day/eve draw, example 3593, how often, any signs when will come? thanks j4harv


Is this a system


no just trying to get average, thank you

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Are you asking how many times 33, will repeat again, within the month, for the state of Georgia ???

Most Pick 4 Doubles repeat 2 -3 times during the month, if they initially fall during the first week of the month.  It's like the first week sets the "repeating tone" for the rest of the month, where pairs and doubles and triads, are concerned.

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On the straight pick 4 there are a total of 10,000 numbers of those 4,320 like 0012, 0310 are DOUBLES.

So, of course, Doubles would come out quite a lot.

I know next to nothing about Math, but maybe pick 4 Doubles would come out about 43% of the time, really 43.20%, but don't take my word for it as I might be wrong.

Can somebody double check?


Singles are 5,040 numbers or 50.4%

Double Double are 270 numbers or 2.7%

Triples are 360 or 3.6%

Quads are 10 or .1%



Perhaps that is what you asked about (?).

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Pick Four Doubles Hit Approximately 40 Percent of the Time!

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