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Let's continue with the feedback, NO ONLINE POST PLEASE!Approve

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thank you for restarting thread and yes lets stick to rules

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Your welcomeI Agree!

Any recent wins? Please post! Looks like an interesting system.


Thanks for bringing this post back.  Let's get some more information on this system.  Does anyone have anything to share?

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i tried this guys system some time ago it didnt create any wins for me. maybe it doesnt work everywhere. lucky for you if you win.

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I have had hits with the system plus my own. The bottom line is you need to play 40 combos. 10 days worth.

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If you tried it, how many states did you try it for? Have you tried it for Florida?


I bought this AC3 Pick4 System($100) and paid for the pick three numbers($20).  Followed all directions pick4 system sent to me was a read only file. The pick3 numbers they gave me to play .....uuhhhh came out straight during day not evening like they suggested. but not within the ten days they stated. It came out on the 12th day. spent alot of money playing . now they won't respond to my emails. oh the pick4 numbers never came out.  I even put my member ID like they suggested for faster service and still no reply.   I will try one more time,and give the guys a second chance.

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Dam, that's too bad. If I was going to spend money on the system, i would have bought the Pick 3 as that is easier to win. You got a straight though, I'm sure that covers it for the lost days. I wonder if just playing until the system hits would be better off. Choose a max number of days to stop, and restart. I've never seen the system, so I can't really say much. What if you were to do a new set of numbers everyday, and let them add up until a hit? I guess that would get costly. Good luck on the next set of numbers


well i have not bought the system, but i did buy a list on january 30 and on january 31 i did win 2700, 5715 cash 4 eve, none of the other numbers came out yet, so, not sure if system works or just coincidence, i live in Ga. if anyone here wants to go half, and partner up i would be open for that j4harv


also lucky's daily tracker is a great tool as well

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I also play in Ga. I bought the numbers for 20.00 they didnt come out, he sent a second set, no luck now he will not respond to any e-mails. (Bummer) 

I did win off of someone else number that they posted online from his system. If you would like for me to go half with you on the system, Find out what is needed and if it can be shared, and I will be glad to go half with you. PM me the info. Thanks


For those of you that bought the system, is it pencil and paper? Or is it plug in the drawing and gives you results? Thanks.

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I got some pick 4 numbers for MD from AC3. They never came out, and I got the same response using the member ID in the email subject line: no response. He said he had over 1000 members. My calculation is that he's made at least $20,000 of this system. I actually hit a pick 4 in MD from my own workouts during the time I was playing from his system.


Well, I purchased the system, and I think this guy is a scam. The very system that is for $100, already exists on the Lottery Post. I was able to find it within minutes. Hmm, I wonder if I can charge back my card.

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i downloaded the program adobea 3-4..and when I try to change the numbers to the right with the last 10 draws, on the left all show #/NA  ..does anyone know what i am doing wrong.  thanks in advance..

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Click your mouse after you punch in the number so it will give the new calculation.

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are you in the right area

you have to click each box to put numbers

digit1 digit2 digit3

don't change the one that says just digit

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Is this a program of ac3 system?




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yes with modifying last 10 draws as explained above Smile


its adobes that was pirated as ac3

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First of all, a big thank you to adobea and CarliG for making this file available.

The way I have been using it is to start with 0, and look for the last drawn combination that had a 0 in it (I'm working mid to mid, but you could try combined, or eve to eve.) When I find a drawn number with a 0 in it, I look at the next day's draw to see what follows that 0. I keep working backwards, looking for draws with a 0 (any position,) and see what the next day's drawing brings. Usually at least a couple of digits will pop out as the ones to plug into the template next to 0, and I can make a guess between two or three others to fill the third position. If you're looking for a straight hit, it's important to plug each digit into the correct position ( if I knew the specifics on how to do that, I would tell you. I just use intuitive guesswork.)

Once that's done, keep working down the list doing the same for 1, 2, 3, etc.

So, how far back should you be looking? When I first started playing around with this, I was going back over two months' worth of draws, and this was too far, I think. One month seemed better. But as ScreamingMidget pointed out, Florida has been playing really wonky lately, and now I'm trying to find the digits within a two-week span of draws. Just play around and try to get a feel for what's best for your state.

A couple of tips:

The “Save As” function is your friend. Early on I had plugged in some digits, and in backtesting they seemed to be hitting pretty good, even some straight hits. And then I started “tweaking” the numbers before I realized I hadn't saved the previous ones. Now every time I start playing around with the file, I do a “Save As” adding the date to the file name so I don't confuse myself!

When you enter the number from the last draw and hit enter to generate new combinations, look just to the right, and you will see what looks like a reference box, or tic tac toe box. I have seen numbers from this box hit, like all three digits from the first vertical column will hit, and this is a combination that won't show in the generated combinations.


FWIW, this is what I have set up for Florida Cash 3 Mid:

Digit       Dig1       Dig2       Dig3

   0               7              9             6

   1               4              6             2

   2               9              5             3

   3               1              2             7

   4               5              8             6

   5               0              3             9

   6               6              3             2

   7               5              6             3

   8               3              1             5

   9               1              4             0

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that's a great idea sum buddy!

I will try it!

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Just looked at Florida Mid results.   Working from yesterday's mid draw 353, and using the template numbers I posted above, the Adobea 3-4 file generated (among others) 237, and 732.  The actual number drawn was 273.

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I downloaded A"s system On the left I put in last pick 3 number.

On the right I put in last 10 pick 3 numbers and hit enter after each one.

So am I looking for the answer  in the ttt box right ?

Am I doing it right ?


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In response to picktowin

Greetings picktowin.  I only mentioned the TTT box because I have seen some hits come from there.  But in general, no, the TTT box is not the place to look.

You are free to put whatever numbers that you wish into the template.  I personally do not use the last ten draws to find my template numbers.  I have outlined my method of picking template numbers in my post above.  It takes some time and effort.  Plus any set of template numbers will probably only  produce hits for a couple weeks to a month (if they're the right numbers Wink,) so you have to keep on top of them. 

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this the ttt


these are your numbers from ttt to play, they are done for you

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ok did that.

Really don't know why you input the last 10 draws then as the ttt is just from last draw ?

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