We will honor requests for anonymity from winners

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If I win a lottery, can I remain anonymous? 


We will honor requests for anonymity from winners. However, we certainly winners will allow us to share their names and good news with other players.


Wyoming Lottery - FAQ

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I hope the Wyoming Lottery offers a subscription service for players outside the state. The right to anonymity would be popular across the US.

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Does your State Lottery allow winners to remain anonymous?

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My state(Louisiana) doesn't allow anonymity, but the winner can decline to have a photo taken if they so choose. The only way to be anonymous here is to claim as an entity.

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Jersey does not allow for it, there was a proposal for a 1 year hold on publishing the winners name but it failed.

I'm not sure but I think you can decline the photo, someone not to far from me won and I hav'nt been able to find their photo.

As for myself it doesn't matter anymore as I go to Delaware for the big $ games.


I imagine the next proposal will be like Tx. you'll have to pay for it,

they'll pass that in the middle of the night like they did the 10.8% state tax.


Im glad mine'd have more to fear from your own family or friends more than the public at large anyways. I think we have the right to know if a real live person has actually won

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Illinois, no, but......

A few years ago a female pharmacist won the Mega Millions. She told the Illinois lottery that if it was publicized as usual she'd face many malpractice suits filed by opportunists.

So they let her go to a professional make up artist and she appeared as disguised as she could get.

They whole is here on LP somewhere and probably on the 'net, too.

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Here she is:

Here's the link and the story:

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Someone the other day pointed out that when harm came to a jackpot winner, it was done by a close friend before the windfall or a family member. Do you think anybody could win a multi-million jackpot and not tell anyone?

And then there is store selling the ticket that possibly video tapped the transaction; will they bribe the owner and the clerks where they bought the ticket to remain silent?

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Oklahoma you have to have a trust

1/25/10 $32M POWERBALL PRIZE IS CLAIMED - The End of the Rainbow Trust Accepts Winnings

7/2/2008 Heritage Trust Oklahoma $84,900,000.00 Annuity.

6/17/2006 $101.8 Million Powerball Jackpot Claimed by WJW Investment Trust

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Every lottery state, district, territory in the U.S. needs to copy Delaware:

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I Agree!

"Winner privacy is our policy and your choice"

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