Another how do I calculate these odds?


A scratcher has odds to win the following prizes.


$5M - 1 in 6M

$2M - 1 in 6M.


What are the odds of winning a prize of at least 2M?

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I think you stated the odds to win 2 million. It's 1 in 6 million

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I am asking the odds of winning either $2M or $6M.


I'm not an expert on odds, but I'm going to guess it's 1 in 3 million. It's still awful odds, it's hard enough to guess 3 on Pick3 Exact, with odds of 1 in 1000

Hopefully the experts will answer soon.

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Odds are not good.

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that is when they start the game !!they start with X amount of winning ticks and some states lotto websites you can check how many of the BIG  winning ones are left.

You may buy a tick without knowing the 2 mil$ ticket  have already been that case the odds are ZERO.

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Depends on the number of tickets brought for each game.  If you don't buy a ticket your odds of winning would be 0 even with 1in10 odds.

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Assuming 1 ticket purchased, the probability of winning at least that much is simply the sum of the probability of winning $5 million and the probability of winning $2 million. 1/6000000 + 1/6000000 = 1/3000000. This is because you can win $5 million and still meet the criteria for winning at least $2 million.

It would be the same if there were a hundred different prizes. Simply add the probability of winning each of the tiers that meet your criteria (remember, the lottery calculates the odds of you winning only THAT prize and none other, which is why posted odds can look incorrect or too high sometimes). This gets trickier for multiple trials, though. And yes, for scratchers the odds change as tickets are sold. However, they are usually within 3% of the advertised value.

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Thank you.


I thought so but was not sure.

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