What's your strategy?


I'm curious to hear what other people around the country are doing when buying scratch tickets.  Lately I've been buying tickets in the stores 1 at a time and scanning them, if it's a loser I would just keep buying until I hit something and then move on to the next game until I run out of my allotted funds for that particular day.  This strategy paid off for a while but I've hit a lull and want to try something different.  CA is coming out with a new $20 ticket next week and I'm thinking of buying a whole book of a new game.

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I usually stick with $10 and $20 cards, but there is one excellent $5 card in my state that is worth playing. I typically buy ten of the same card at the same time if it's a $5 or a $10, but only five at a time if it's a $20. A lot of the big winners in my state have been won in small towns, so I buy my cards in a number of locales. I usually wait at least a week from the date of release before purchasing a new card.


My strategy is to buy more winners than losers.  Wink

I try to buy two consecutive $20 tickets at a time.  If I win, I stop.  If I lose, I stop.  This has prevented me from chasing.  Every one of by big wins ($500 or $1000) have come from just buying one ticket or two and being at the right place at the right time.  However, I have kind of broken my rule recently and its been costly.

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My experience has been just the opposite from yours. All my big wins have come when I buy ten of a certain card at one time. I've never had a big winner when I only bought a couple cards at a time.

The legendary woman in Texas who hit four scratchers worth a million dollars or more, used to go in stores and buy cards by the entire roll.


When it comes to scratchers for my state, I always look at the top prizes remaining list they post daily on their site before deciding which tickets I'm going to get.  If the game is still fairly new (even if a couple jackpots have already been claimed) I will buy 5 - 6 of the tickets depending on how much cash I'm willing to part with.  If a game has been sitting for a while (more than 6 months) I am leery of buying a ticket but I will occasionally if I feel a hunch.

I rarely buy entire packs of tickets unless I have the money to do so, such as I did earlier in the month with my tax return.  However, as I have won $500 on Pick 3 tickets and $1,000 on a scratch off ticket recently I do plan to go pick up a few packs of the new Million Dollar Series games that's coming out Tuesday.  While my ultimate goal is to hopefully get a ticket with a million dollars on it, my actual strategy is simply going in and getting the tickets on the day they come out and hope I hit a few tickets at the $500 and $1000 level since it's easier to score that type of prize when the game is new and hasn't been sitting for a bit.

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