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Well ive asked about vtracs before..i still dont understand... the standard answer is.... oh simple it means tracking variables! or variables tracking! EASY!

What??? What are vtracs what the heck are VARIABLES!? God bless the person who has a "course on here about vtracs a good effort that everybody tells me to look at on here..but..t goes on forever..and is silly...ok class raise your hands..oh oh me me..ok i see someone in the back raising their class do your homework for next time...uh oh i see someone didnt do their homework ect....Can someone just explain this VARIABLE Tracking or tracking VARIABLES???

thankyou...and to the course poster im not putting your course down it took a lot of work and im sure others found it helpful, i saw a lot of silliness...just me..

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I've already pm'ed you and i will explain vtracs again if you let me..... I have the stamina right now, cannot say it will be here later, but I will try and see if you can get it...................

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Did you read my post????? Been there done that I appreciate your rply very much but that course is not helpful its long boring and my post again... thankyou.

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Did you study the course? I think NOT!

You need to learn to crawl: Before you can learn to walk!

If the Course doesn't meet your requirements try Googling: "variable Vtrac"

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variables can range from any letter in the alphabet or it could be a sign. Rarely it may be a pic, but most of the time it is just a letter.
Ex: a variable can be like this in an equation: 4x=12. The x is a variable.
A variable is just a symbol that is used to represent a number that we do not know. It is usually a letter since letters are the easiest symbols to make. It is very easy to do math with letters since they are symbols almost exactly like numbers. If you do not feel comfortable using letters, try using a question mark instead and slowly try to start using letters.


So in other words you are making a vtrac number a pair, because you are not sure of one of the numbers.




Numbers 0 to 9 are used to select Daily Pick 3 and Pick 4 combinations.

Like so, 027, 980, 123...

Vtrac numbers 1 to 5 are assigned to the Pick 3 / Pick 4 numbers like so,

Pick 3 / Pick 4Vtrac

The Pick 3 numbers we shown before become Vtracs by substitution.

027 substitute as 01 23 73 and becomes 133.

To tell it's a Vtrac, often it's written with a lowercase v to tell it apart from regular Pick 3 / Pick 4 combinations.

Like this, v133.

Now, let's say you've been Tracking these Vtracs and you have a guess that v411 might come up soon.

What are the possible Pick 3 combinations for v411?

We can reverse the set using the table below and find them.

VtracPick 3 / Pick 4
10 or 5
21 or 6
32 or 7
43 or 8
54 or 9

v411 can have 3 or 8 as the first combination number, 0 or 5 as the second combination number and 0 or 5 as the third combination number.

We can make the complete set of Pick 3 combinations with these, like so,









You'll find that each individual Pick 3 Vtrac has only 8 combinations.

You can see the complete set of Pick 3 Vtracs here

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