Can someone please explain how this is possible with Play 4 drawings?


Maybe there's a logical explanation for this, but I sure can't think of one.

In my state for each drawing usually there's no more than a handful of Play 4 tickets sold with all the numbers matching in the exact order (straight).

Recently there was a drawing where more than 100 winning "straight" tickets were sold, and all 4 numbers were unique (no repeaters).

However, when the EXACT SAME 4-digit number came in just a few years ago ... there were no "straight" winners whatsoever.

So how is it possible that all those winning tickets (100+) were sold now, but nobody at all played it years ago?  And the drawn number had nothing to do with the date or any event.  Just seems like this time around there somehow was some advance knowledge of the number coming in.  And it's not the first time I've noticed there's an absurdly high number of winning tickets for a Play 4 number that didn't have hardly any winners sold the last time it came in.

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What state are you in?

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Good Question.............

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Did you  check how many tickets or played for close number say +1,-1 of of the winning number .

if there were many plays  few years ago and all of a sudden so many winning tickets for straight it must have been a very good player who waited and waited for the right time.

or a group of very good players knowing the patterns and is very easy when you know a number is coming you will play it many times ..BUT ON AN EXACT DATE ?? very much impossible to know exact date when to play .check how many tickets for that number were bought few days before and so on

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You are so right about that watching and waiting for the right time to pounce


your older more seasoned players play this way, have been taught by many that it's the best way to play the lottery....I have seen some play as much as 500.00 on one number..............

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Probably the state that calls their pick-4 game Play 4 and that's Delaware, Florida, or Connecticut.

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Whats wrong with this picture boys and girls?

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You are right about ready to pounce!!   If you look at the NC Pick 4 winners board there is a guy in Gaston NC who hit 2700 on a 50/50 50 times for 135,000 on 1/2/15.  On 1/13/15 the same guy (or at least a guy with the same name in the same town) hit 5000 exact 4 times for 20,000 and then on 1/30/15 the same guy (again same name same town) hit 2600 on a 50/50 10 times for 26000.  That is 181,000 dollars in the month of January hitting 3 straights on a 64.00 investment!!!  Don't know if the dude has hit more previously (I only looked at the month of January and since) but that one month would make a life time for me.  I have only been playing Pick 4 a little over a year and have hit one straight back in February 2014 for 2700 on a 50/50.  I guess I should consider my self lucky for even that but I want to be more like that guy.  Not necessarily making 181,000 in a month but maybe 181,000 in a year or even 2-3 years would make me happy!

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