pick 5/20 system?



Anyone care to please share any good system for pick 5/20?

Thanks in advance :)

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What state has 5/20 P5 please?


Actually it's not in the states. It's a Caribbean draw

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Ok tell me it pick 5 numbers out of 20? Does it have a bonus number? What are the last results? What days does it play etc?


Ok sure!


Yea it's 5 out of 20 numbers. No bonus number!

The last results for February so far are


Numbers: 4,8,11,13,14

Numbers: 2,3,4,8,11

Numbers: 2,5,13,18,19

Numbers: 4,10,12,18,19

Numbers: 3,7,8,9,15

Numbers: 3,12,14,15,17

Numbers: 5,8,10,18,19

Numbers: 7,15,16,17,20

Numbers: 1,9,13,17,18

Numbers: 5,9,11,16,20

Numbers: 3,6,8,10,19

Numbers: 1,6,7,8,18

Numbers: 8,10,13,16,17

Numbers: 4,8,9,13,19



It's practically every day. Monday to Saturday except Sundays.

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I would use mirror numbers and all the digits that have them.....1-6, 2-7, 3-8, 4-9, 5-0. That means 1, 11, 6 and 16. 2, 12, 7 and 17. 3, 13, 8 and 18 etc. If you look at the results  you will see these mirror pairs. For instance on the 17th if you had used mirror pairs 4 - 9 and 14 and 19 with mirror pair 3 - 8 with 13 and 18 you would have eight numbers to wheel. How to choose witch mirror pairs is tricky but if you study the past results you might find some patterns or trends that reoccur like repeat numbers etc. Hope this helps you a little. gl


Ok thanks alot will see how it goes.

I'm always open to any more suggestions from you or anyone else.

I think this game is crackable!

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It definetly is crackable.How much they pay for getting all  5 numbers right ?

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Looking at these results it seems there are repeat numbers almost every game.But when there are two repeats in one game you can reasonably expect that the following game may not have any repeats. It might be fun to try playing two mirror pairs and one of each number from the game before. That would give you the five numbers and five combos to play. You won't win the jackpot every time but you may win some lesser prizes and maybe one of those times win all five

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use this FILE, set N=20(limit of game), enter draws in cells  A<B<C<D<E

 DRAW 4-8-11-13-14

picks to wheel> 4-6-16-18-3-5-17-19-2-4-18-20-1-3-19-1( 4-6-16-18-3-5-17-19-2-20-1-19)

Wheel this  4-6-16-18-3-5-17-19-2-20-1  + current draw 4-8-11-13-14(see repeat numbers)> 15 numbers. When wheeling,  follow the numerical sequence 4-6-18-3-5-17-19-2-20-1 etc . Find a good wheel system for 15-20 numbers  for 10 to 17 lines. Good Luck

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FL Fantasy 5 has matrix 5/36, N=36

raw Date  Results 
Tue, Feb 17, 201501-04-08-33-36?Prize Payouts
Mon, Feb 16, 201505-09-10-12-30?Prize Payouts
Sun, Feb 15, 201503-05-21-29-32?Prize Payouts
Sat, Feb 14, 201501-07-16-17-35?Prize Payouts
Fri, Feb 13, 201507-21-23-25-34?Prize Payouts
Thu, Feb 12, 201502-15-24-26-35?Prize Payouts
Wed, Feb 11, 201501-15-20-21-36?Prize Payouts
Tue, Feb 10, 201513-15-21-24-36?Prize Payouts
Mon, Feb 9, 201502-06-12-25-34?Prize Payouts
Sun, Feb 8, 201509-10-15-22-35?Prize Payouts
Sat, Feb 7, 201504-12-13-14-16?Prize Payouts
Fri, Feb 6, 201505-07-20-30-35?Prize Payouts
Thu, Feb 5, 201510-12-13-28-32?Prize Payouts
Wed, Feb 4, 201501-13-16-32-36?Prize Payouts
Tue, Feb 3, 201504-08-21-31-32?Prize Payouts
Mon, Feb 2, 201501-09-10-18-35?Prize Payouts
Sun, Feb 1, 201515-17-19-25-30?Prize Payouts
Sat, Jan 31, 201511-12-17-20-30?Prize Payouts
Fri, Jan 30, 201504-18-20-26-33?Prize Payouts
Thu, Jan 29, 201503-10-11-18-34?Prize Payouts
Wed, Jan 28, 201509-14-23-31-32?Prize Payouts
Tue, Jan 27, 201502-15-18-22-36?Prize Payouts
Mon, Jan 26, 201502-11-17-33-34?Prize Payouts
Sun, Jan 25, 201512-19-23-27-30?Prize Payouts
Sat, Jan 24, 201510-21-25-31-36?Prize Payouts
Fri, Jan 23, 201501-07-12-28-32?Prize Payouts
Thu, Jan 22, 201502-09-15-24-33?Prize Payouts
Wed, Jan 21, 201502-14-15-32-36?Prize Payouts
Tue, Jan 20, 201502-05-06-21-30?Prize Payouts
Mon, Jan 19, 201508-22-27-31-34?Prize Payouts
Sun, Jan 18, 201502-08-11-16-31?Prize Payouts
Sat, Jan 17, 201501-08-19-26-34?Prize Payouts
Fri, Jan 16, 201502-09-10-21-34?Prize Payouts
Thu, Jan 15, 201501-10-17-30-35?Prize Payouts
Wed, Jan 14, 201507-08-19-28-30?Prize Payouts
Tue, Jan 13, 201502-07-15-23-32?Prize Payouts
Mon, Jan 12, 201507-08-12-30-32?Prize Payouts
Sun, Jan 11, 201513-16-21-23-34?Prize Payouts
Sat, Jan 10, 201503-16-19-34-35?Prize Payouts
Fri, Jan 9, 201510-24-25-26-36?Prize Payouts

Draw 10-24-25-26-36 

Picks to wheel >14-16-22-24-1-3-35-1-3-35-10-12-26-28  + current draw 10-24-25-26-36

14-16-22-24-1-3-35-10-12-26-28-25-36  (13 numbers)

Group numbers into intervals starting from left to right

14-16> 14-15-16

22-24> 22-23-24


35-36> 35-36


26-28-25> 26-27-28-25

Wheel> 14-15-16-22-23-24-1-2-3-35-36-10-11-12-26-27-28-25(17 numbers)

This should be waged for a month with frequent 3/5 hits and possible 5/5. Waging strategy should include enough bankroll for the month, if you're the impatient type, then is not for you.


Igamble it pays 60% of all ticket sales for getting all 5 numbers right. This generally is around $2000-$3000.

Not a HUGE jackpot but it's ok.


ALX thanks for your advice! :)


Thanks adobea78! Will give it a shot!

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You are welcome.

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