PA 6-49 Game Just Too Easy to Hit ...


Of course there's nothing wrong with that ... we all need an "easy" game to play and win at. I mentioned this before about the Match 6 game (6-49) hardly ever going past $2 million dollars anymore ... I wait for it to build up to $2 million and beyond but it's getting hit these days at just under $2 million or slightly over $2 million and last Thursday it got hit at $2 million.

I still play at lower amounts but it takes so long to reach $2million and that's usually when I buy more tickets.

So tonight it started again at $500,000 and got hit ... one winning ticket. All day I had the feeling the Match 6 would be hit again tonight ... it happens every now and then ... two hits in a row.

As soon as I saw the numbers online I knew someone had to have those numbers ... they were easy numbers in tonight's draw ... two of those numbers are numbers I played.

Even if the game is "easy" to win ... I hope the PA lottery just leaves well enough alone and is not thinking of making any changes to make it harder to win.

I'm sure there are people that don't play the game till it gets to a million dollars or more ... I like the $2 million plus amount then I start throwing more dollars at it but lately I don't get to do that much anymore.

I will have to change my tactics and go after a lower jackpot with more "gusto" ... PA probably has the easiest 6-49 game in the whole country to win at and a person can get really old fast waiting around for the jackpot to build to $2 million, usually takes around two months, depending on how the amount grows ... but then look at the money a player can save, they hardly ever get to play the game if they like a $2 million dollar pot !



We have a province wide game of 6-49 type game twice a week, but the jackpot always remains at 2 million for us. We don't have to wait till it gets to 2 million, and it's easy to take for granted, but then again, there are not a lot of winners for this game, on average it's like maybe about half a dozen people win the whole jackpot in one year. Odds are about 1 in 13.9 million to win the jackpot, I'm guessing it may be the same for for the PA 6-49.

In response to whatluck

That's interesting ... the PA Match 6 jackkpot used to hover around $4 million dollars and every so often get close to $8 million. That $4 million mark now seems to be $2 million.

I just read this from the PA Lottery ten minutes ago ... this is where one of "my 6-49 jackpots" went ... a mistake ticket.

"Oops" Ticket Turns Out to Be Big Winner

Sometimes a ticket you didn’t mean to play can turn out to be a big winner. Just ask six co-workers who recently won a MATCH 6 jackpot of more than $1.4 million with a ticket they never intended to buy! The co-workers at Reitnouer, a trailer manufacturer in Berks County, have played the Lottery together for several years. James Epler asked a store clerk for Powerball tickets, but received MATCH 6 tickets by mistake - and one of those tickets turned out to be worth over a million dollars! Congratulations!

... good for them even though I was probably mad someone hit the jackpot that night as it was just starting to get close to $2 million.

A person usually has no idea most of the time who really won a smaller game jackpot like the Match 6 (6-49) game but when you do get to read about the winner or winners, it makes for a good feeling when you read their story and how they overcame the odds ... a mistake ticket !

We should all be so lucky with a mistake ...


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