Instant games at the terminal


In Virginia we have instant games you can play at the terminal.  Just Buy your ticket and see if you won, no

waiting for draws or waiting at all.


But the odds are also awful.  Has anyone played those?

Do other states have them too?

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The only instant games I play are scratchers where you buy a physical card. Instant terminal games are a rip-off IMHO.

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Those instant games at the terminal sound like Chevy Chase's Vegas Vacation when he walked into the casino out in the desert and the dealer said pick a number and when he picked one the dealer said, "Wrong!"


PA Lottery doesn't have them. But even if it did, I'd be very leery buying them from a clerk. What's to stop the clerk claiming a winning ticket is theirs / refusing to sell it... When does the ticket become the player's property? When requesting the ticket or after paying for it? What if the clerk doesn't accept payment, and keeps the winning ticket... There's little to no oversight over lottery clerks, and very often are allowed to buy tickets too.

In short, for anyone buying them, best to only buy from self-service terminals. No clerk involved, and no questions regarding whether the ticket was paid for.

As for the odds, I'd suspect many terminal instant games have lower overall payout of around 50% similar to that of numbers games. Not sure if that's true, but that's my hunch, since some lotteries have lower overall payout limits for numbers / terminal games verses paper instant tickets.

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In response to Ron5995

i don't know if they still do it in ill. 

i'm pretty sure you could, but i never tried it, for all the above reasons

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In response to jr-va

We have those here: and I avoid those games like the plague.  If I play an instant game, I'd rather just play scratch off tickets.

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yeah here in NC you can play the Carolina cash 5 and choose the ez match option which gives you a set of numbers and prizes amounts next to them up to $500. If any of your numbers match the EZ match numbers you instantly win.....I think I won $2 one time LOL

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