cash cow system


has anybody heard of the cash cow system  and how does it work

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Do an LP search on it. It's been discussed before. A lot of systems, programs, strategies etc, have been talked about in the forums at one time or another. LP search is like a Google for the lottery.

Good  Luck!!!

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I purchased it several years ago and never won a dime. The guy does respond to your email questions after you purchase.

His eBook is riddled with errors and type o's. And, if you do exactly what he states, you'll have to be betting a bundle on each draw.

There is some merit to what he says, but he will sue anybody here who elaborates or shares his system(s).  Each of his systems sold for $50, and of course his results in his eBook ARE ALWAYS AFTER THE FACT - as are all systems.

You are much better off here using FREE INFORMATION - which is much better btw - than anything you can ever pay for.

Flossdog, blackapple, lotterybraker, are just a few of the users out here to read their posts.

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I should know better than to bash anybody or anything by now.

The book of Jude teaches us that.

In the Texas Pick 4 drawing this morning, Wed Feb 18, 2015, using the CASH COW system, I could have won a

BUNDLE!!!!!!  Without divulging his system, let me just show you what transpired the last several days, and

see if you can determine what should have been played in this mornings Texas Pick 4 drawing.


Feb 14     7872

Feb 16    8757

Feb 18     7784    THIS IS WHAT WON TODAY. 


Let's hear an AH MEN for THE CASH COW SYSTEM!!!


Oh well. We reap what we sow, or as the world says, "What Goes Around, Comes Around", or "Ain't Karma A ?itch!".

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