Lucky for Life-New states finally added?

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I received an email yesterday from the DC lottery about this game. It just stated on the website it is coming soon (in February per the email).

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Lucky for Life is sold in 14 states across the country: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, NewHampshire, RhodeIsland, South Carolina and Vermont.

The states in blue were the original ones then in January 27, 2015 the other states joined. I haven't heard about DC Lottery joining in February. 

 I win often on this game so I have no complains

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We have this new "Lucky" game in South CarolinaHow do you win often, on this game ???

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I don't know how. But it helps that this game pays $3 when you match 2+0 and I seem to match that often. Not often enough to turn a profit but often enough to keep me interested  Beaver

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It looks like a very good game with a good prize structure. And even though it is new in my area, I can look at past numbers drawn!

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Interesting.  I just saw the Virginia Lottery will be offering Cash4Life game starting in early May.  A little cross boarder competition with slightly different games?

Unfortunately, Virginia will be ending their Decades of Dollars game and replacing it with Cash4Life.  I will miss Decades.

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Thanks for the info lottolucy. I did not know they were eliminating Decades of dollars. I loved that game and it was one of two I ever thought I had a chance of winning. First Win for life became a VA only game, then they eliminated it.  Then the same with Decades of Dollars. I will direct all my small amount of weekly lottery money towards that game till it ends. 


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Well if that's what you call a win-Smile  I've won twice since the game started in SC.  $4 for a Lucky Ball and $3 for matching 2 numbers.

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