quick pick or their own numbers?


as a numbers person I wonder if the porta Rico winning ticket was a quick pic or not.

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I was going to post a thread myself, asking this question. You beat me to it.  Here is my question:


RE:  5/5, 6/6 and PB/MM Jackpot Lotteries


How would you go about figuring out whether 5/5, 6/6 and National Jackpot lottery winners, won with Quick Picks or their own selected numbers ???

Do the national State Lottery Commisions in each state, record this information somewhere - whether the win was a Quick Pick Win or personal number selection win ??

How did we ever come to know, or assume, that the majority of Jackpot Wins are QP, rather than your own numbers ??? Where is the proof of this factrecorded at, for public inquiry ???

Is there a public record of Jackpot Wins, that were personal number wins ???


I don't know, but I think that places with small sales should play both Qp and their own numbers.  More inportants on their own numbers.

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Texas Lottery website always posts where the winning ticket was purchased (Texas winners only) and if it was a QP or not. I looked on NC's website and looked at PR's but no info on that.

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IA photo of the nc winning ticket shows it was the fourth line of a five line quick pick. The lady showed it to the local news station.  It was bought at 7:01 pm on Wednesday.

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Florida puts a Q after lines that are Quick Picks along with a number of how many of the numbers were Quick Picked as you can enter some numbers and allow Quick Picks for the remainder.  So they know if the winner was a Quick Pick all or in part.

A lot of general lottery information such as how many people play 01-02-03-04-05-06 has been floating around forever, no idea if it has ever been updated.


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Wow!  She is just walking around with the ticket.  They have her name, her picture and she is holding the ticket.  I hope she signed the back of it.

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The MM website tells us that 70% of sales and 70% of winning tickets are qp.

I think it goes further than that.

Say you get a set of numbers right here on the LP Quick Picks feature. That was a QP even though some will say, No, if the ticket doesn't say QP it wasn't a QP."

Just something to think about.


I have never got a set of numbers from LP quick picks feature.  So do you just get numbers to take to the store and is the feature linked to a numbers generator?  But I think I see what you are thinking, they are all quick picks.  I'm really referring to people that work out their own set of numbers as the term states their own numbers.  And besides we don't really don't know how many people use number generators.

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Just click on Quick Picks on the left of the page and it will give you the option of what state (or MM or PB), what game, and how many sets of numbers you want.

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I use the quick-pick feature here on LP for all my MM tickets.  Its good for winning free tickets all the time like me.  Matched 3 numbers on MM once in awhile.  Hopefully the LP Quick-Pick Generator will win me something more than $8 here soon.

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