So I had a dream that I was traveling to a family event out of state. On my flight back I had to stop in Vancouver. Crazy thing about my family -distant counsins- they were catholic but didn't believe in Jesus lol. Anyway Vancouver is what stood out in the dream and the fact I didn't know my mother lived there now (she really lives in South Florida). I also called an old friend -Kelvin, who in reality lives in NC, but in the dream now lived in Vancouver.

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Method 1:  2-2-5-1

Method 2:  5-3-7-9
Method 3:  6-7-5-6
Method 4:  0-0-9-1
Method 5:  7-1-4-3
Method 6:  8-8-1-8

Method 1:  3-5-5

Method 2:  7-5-8
Method 3:  5-7-7
Method 4:  7-5-6
Method 5:  9-1-5
Method 6:  2-3-8

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