Powerball 2/11/14


The jackpot at 1/2 billions. Will anyone from LP will hit Powerball jackpot for 2/11/15?

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Some  Revocable Trust that represents a certain LP member from MA shall be collecting tonight's jackpot in about 21 days so the answer is YES Yes Nod




i think it should be hundred+ good folk worldwide(u.s.a.)to win not just 1 either,

come on,look how high it is, or over 50 people(dozens,when MEGA/PB reach 100 million.


Just more fair this way,pero... (but)Good luck to the lucky 1 winner who will win,or hopefully dozens will win.Cheers



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Here is to hoping one person wins! I hope it is me


I wish two people win. One from Michigan. Detroit area. One from New York.

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since the pot was raised twice due to so much buying of tickets, i think two people would at least win this. never seen increase twice within that time frame lol.

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I hope you are right! I am from the Detroit area

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If I win the anchor man on our local news said "Remember who told you"


Very good chance it will be a WA state resident will win  tonight's powerball and it might be me..


I hear someone from Texas won Powerball and from LP.

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I didn't even match the power ball number. Oh well, I didn't spend much. 2 tickets with one having PP

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