*spin-off* Lottery Pool and buying your own tickets/same numbers

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So the question was asked, "you are in a lottery pool and you are not allowed to buy your own tickets." I answered that.


But here is a curve ball on that question. I run a powerball pool and you are allowed to buy your own tickets. I buy my own too, but not when I purchase for the pool. What we do is pay for advance plays for the month and they are all QP, and I email the tickets prior to the first drawing of the month. But what if one of my players decides to get a ticket for themselves (rightly so) but "selects" the same numbers as the pool, now what? 


Now assuming there are only 2 winners, the pool and the one that purchased the same numbers. One player get half the jackpot plus their portion of the pool, while the remaining 17 people gets their share of the remaining half.

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Chances are: They will die of mysterious circumstances.


Hey now that's a great idea!! I never thought of doing that. I guess since they bought their own tickets, you really cant say what numbers can or cant use. Nobody has a patent on certain numbers for the lottery. That would be cool if someone won like that

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This is probably why pools should have contracts where anyone buying personal picks of numbers from the pool forfeits the ownership of that ticket to the pool. Have it signed and notarized to make it legally binding.

Personally I don't see anything against it, but I could see where the people in the pool would have issue with it. I mean, if someone is going to spend all that extra money to try and keep a little extra for themselves, so be it.

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I will return the favor by answering your question: I am very sure no one has the monopoly on any numbers, pool or not. Should one decide to buy their own set of tickets with the same numbers as the pool set- so be it. The good thing is that everyone is going to come away with money.

* My original question that you alluded too is a twist on the rule out here in CA and l think most everywhere that  people employed by the lottery and their kin Cannot purchase lottery tickets. 


So... Isn't the point of buying tickets outside of your pool to increase your chances of winning? ....ever so slightly?

Nonetheless... Let's go with round numbers. You have a pool of 20 people and a $20M payout. Two tickets win. They win half and are ecstatic to walk away with $500k each. The. They find out that one person in the pool is walking away with $10.5M. 

They find an attorney who will take the case. A jury will deliberate and find that the winner, while not honoring the spirit of the pool, did nothing wrong. It'd be a bigger deal in the court of public opinion than in a legal one.

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Wow - never thought of that twist.  I passed your question on to the 2 pools here at work.  Never did peoples faces pale so quickly.  One group has already put out an addendum to their rules (for future plays) - lol - and one person thought it was a brilliant idea and ran out to get tickets to match the pool.  Odd how reactions differ hmm?

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In response to Raven62

I Agree!


In a perfect world your pool wouldn't include any members who ar stupid and/or dicks. Since that's not possible, you could either take that very, very small risk, or you could have a contract that prohibits members from purposely playing the combinations that the pool has played.

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I would laugh it off and move on. Frankly speaking I'd rather someone I know do this crazy stunt and give us a story to laugh about fo ever than have some random guy who lives halfway across the country have a quick pick that cuts our jackpot in half.

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In response to maximumfun

Wow! I've thought about adding to that. But then you have the issue of said person having a family member claim the ticket. So I guess in the long run, it would be better to not worry about that. Like one poster said, it would be a bigger deal in court of public opinion.

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In response to KY Floyd

Dicks probably not. Stupid? Well I will stop right there. There is a person that doesn't want her copy of her receipt that shows she paid for the month, and several others that don't even know I emailed the numbers. They just want the phone call saying we won.

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Your pool must really trust you if they don't care about receipts or numbers. Just curious do you have anyone in your pool that you ever get the feeling doesn't trust you?  They think you will somehow take off with their millions?  That would bother me to the point I would probably not want to play with them.

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In response to LottoLucy

I am liked by everyone where I work and they know I would give the shirt off my back for them. 


I think one person might think I'm trying to screw her over. She didn't get an email with Jan tickets, she said hey where's my copy. Well for the life of me I dont know why she didnt get it so I forwarded her a copy of the tickets. Then a few days later she says well you didnt buy enough tickets so just put January's money for Feb. I was like no I need to find out what's going on.  So when I got home I looked over my stuff, she put her work email on the agreement and I forgot to tell her considering we are on different shifts and I only see her once a week. Considering I work for a government agency and with regard to the "sunshine law,"  I am no way no how emailing gambling stuff to our work email. 


So on my recent revision to our agreement, I put in there "You may be removed from the pool at anytime."  So this can cover anything from playing the pool every other month (which would be a hassle for me to keep track) to any kind of fall out and for the best interest they should be removed. When I started this pool almost 3 years ago I selected people that I thought would play every month and so far they have and so far only 2 people have voluntarily removed themselves due to financial obligations.

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That's an interesting question. I've pondered a similar one in my head as well. Sometimes when the jackpot gets big, other people in our office set up pools, and I often get involved in those as well. Those pools usually buy all quick picks. I've wondered what would happen if a quick pick matched one of the numbers in the pool I run as well. I'd be drawing a share from 2 different pools. Would that be a problem?

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