You in a Pool that forbids anyone buying tickets " on the side"-However..


On occasions when the jackpot really goes into the $400 mil plus range- you decide- the heck with that, l want to get a few extra tickets and perhaps have the gf/spouse squirrel away the tickets in a safe place..

But your separate numbers HIT.. 

Do you : Call up the Pool captain and tell him/ her you " broke the rules- tough".. Or

Tell the Pool your stay with them has run its course- your won and thats that..See Ya!


*** Do you see a lawsuit in the making?


Not sure how your office does it but at mine we photocopy the pool tickets and every page has the team name and what individuals are a part of the team.  You can't question what the team tickets were since all are provided a copy.  If someone wins on their own ticket tuff luck to the group.  It wasn't a group ticket and belongs to who bought it.   better luck next time to the team.


Dang, you know that probably happens more often than not. 

But no way any lawsuit would stand any ground. Unless the pool had everyone sign a notarized contractual agreement (even then you can probably hire a team of lawyers to defend yourself) there's no ground the rest of the pool to stand on. 

I'm guessing the pool probably already has people playing on the side. It's your own money and you are not sharing with the pool so you don't have to share the winnings.


Someone could try but it won't hold water.


I run the office pool, and yes, tickets are copied and shared with all members of the pool.  We know our numbers long before the drawing. We also don't have any rules like that. I actually have a smaller pool going at the same time in the office, a more 'select' group in one department. When I go out and buy the tickets for the pool, I don't buy my own at the same time unless I use a pick slip.

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I always purchase the Power play or Megaplier so that will shut anyone up that tries to complains.

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In response to noise-gate

Premise:  I agreed to a pool that forbid me buying ticket on the side, but I did anyhow and won. 

Result:  After an agonizing weekend, I would go in and admit that I had purchased the ticket on the side, and give them to the pool.  I made the commitment to not purchase tickets, and broke my word.  So I would put the tickets into the pool.  Ultimately my word is my bond.  That weekend would have been hell on wheels.

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I use to run a lottery pool back in day, and every player could buy their own tickets beyond our collective effort, no problem. The only rule the group and I had was all tickets bought in the cities where I worked was fair game to anyone on the list. My personal tickets had to be bought in my home town that was an hour away. That was said before every collection. So, if we had won a rather large pot any dispute would have ended immediately with the verification of where the ticket was purchased.

and the scenario you painted above. I could have never been in...and yes, where large sums of money are concerned, you will have a law suit if anyone thinks they have a chance to get some.


This is why online is the right way to go. Here in Sweden it's possible to play in pools with our swedish official gaming company Svenska Spel. Everyone that have an account can find other players to play with through the website. Everyone in the pool can make the bets, winnings are shared automatically. Everyone has to put in money before the bets can be made. Shared funds that can be used for the games consists of 1, the number of players in pool multiplied with funds from the player that put in least money.

9 people put in 100k kr, 1 put in 50 kr, then 500 kr can be used to play lottery tickets.

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In response to maximumfun

I Agree!

In response to yupyup79

The pool I run is the same way. We have 11 members total and everyone gets a copy of the pool tickets. In addition, I buy multidraw tickets every 2 weeks on payday which cover all 4 drawings. I do know some members, myself included, do buy our own tickets and when the jackpots get big, some of us participate in other pools if someone starts one up. Since we know which tickets are for the pool, there's no question which tickets are individual and which are for the pool.

If an individual wins on their own tickets, that's their money to do whatever they want with. I once won $400 on a Powerball ticket I bought for myself and nobody in the group said anything about it.


I would never join a pool that had a rule like that. The rule implies the pool is so poorly organized it cannot differentiate between pool tickets and tickets bought by others.

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I personally would not join a group that had that requirement but if someone is in a group with that stipulation being known and you go out a buy a ticket and it wins you should do the right thing and claim it with the group.


I think even if I bought a ticket on my own ESPECIALLY with it being high enough to split with alot of folks that I'd go on and just split it with them. Life is too short to be screwing people over about money that just fell into your lap. It would be tempting but I'd rather split it than feel like a heel the rest of my wealthy life


No way I'll join a pool like that. Way too much drama already.

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As a person who relies a lot on instincts, I have a big dislike for commitments that I don't see how they help me. I'd join but still defiantly play on the side.

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