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every time i try and download a file from box it just keeps downloading across the top bar area and never stops. any help would be appreciated. thanks.
also even though i have english enabled when i download a lp file for excel it comes up in spanish and cannot find where to translate to english.

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Do you have installed on your computer a fully functional version of Excel?  If Yes what version?

Try downloading using a different browser.  Google Chrome

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It seems that you have had this on going situation for a while now.

By your explanations, there is a lot of variable information being left out. It could be caused by numerous different reasons.

This is what I would suggest. Ask a friend or relative that you trust, to help you. They might be able to see exactly what your problem is. If that doesn't work, ask a neighboring teenager for help. They usually can find the issue quickly. Or, the worst scenario, take your computer to a repair shop, I'm sure they can lead you in the right direction.

To ask the same question here... You'll get the same answers that you got, when asking it 3 or 4 times ago.  Thumbs Up

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If you do NOT have a fully functional version of Excel you will not be able to use them.  On the other hand if you have OpenOffice free program you can use the Calc program to convert an excel file to OpenOffice ods file in most cases.  That is if there are no macros or vba code.

Post a screen shot of your Excel version.

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win thats the answer; need to know how to convert file using open office calc can you explain? thanks


Doesn't come with microsoft office now? I have it with my outlook. Is it possible just to upload the file to outlook and open it with excel?

remove this if you consider it commercial...

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thanks i use open office by apache so i need to know how to go about it.

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Open the Calc program (OpenOffice)

Next click File > Open and browse to the Excel file you saved on your computer.

As I mentioned in an earlier post if the Excel file has macros (file extension is .xlsm) you won't be able to convert it to and .ods Calc file.

If the Excel file is .xlsx you might be able to convert it.

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first sentence says it doesn't download..

then you say it does download but in spanish?

numbers are uno dos etc?

If it looks like gibberish you might have a virus or trojan or malware that has changed your files

if your virus scan can be set to run at bootup do that

avast is free and has that option also download malwarebytes and run that

something is wrong with your isn't drop box, excel or open office

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