Oprah Winfrey and antique doll


I dreamed I was at a gathering and people were telling everyone what antiques they were searching for.  I had an antique doll and Oprah was there and she wanted it, but didn't know who had it.  I searched throught the crowd to find here and give the doll to her.  When I finally found her and handed her the doll she took it and threw it accross the room in a chair.  She acted as though she were angry.  Neither of us said a word.  The doll was bald.  I couldn't figure out why she was angry.  Later someone told me she already had a doll like it and it was worth more money.  Thanks for your responses.

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 Neither of us said a number.  (Normalized)

Method 1:  9-9-9/109/219

Method 2:  3-7-3
Method 3:  8-4-3
Method 4:  8-6-4
Method 5:  0-8-2
Method 6:  7-4-7

Method 1:  3-6-1-0

Method 2:  0-0-3-3
Method 3:  6-5-7-8
Method 4:  6-4-0-8
Method 5:  6-6-0-4
Method 6:  5-7-3-9

 Word  (Normalized)

Method 1:  9-5-8

Method 2:  0-1-3
Method 3:  4-4-7
Method 4:  1-0-3
Method 5:  1-1-1
Method 6:  8-3-6

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