pick 4 ,base on oberservation

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For all u pick 4 players out there, I've put together a series of pairs that hit on a consistent basis. Just  by adding the right one number to the right , to the pair on the left..for each group you will use the same numbers to add for each pair...this works only for singles and basic doubles...not quads, triples singles, or double doubles...or what ever you want to call them....u should get or avg 2-3 hits per week from these 4 groups combined. back test your state, and let me know ,what you luck

group 1-singles                              group 2- singles                group 3 basic doubles                    group 4 basic doubles                     

024---  add 1,3,5,7,or 9       135----- add 0,2,4,6,or 8             002....add 1,3,5,7 or 9                   133...add 0,2,4,6,or 8                             

026--                                  137                                           022                                               113

028--                                  139                                           004                                               115

046--                                  157                                           044                                               155

048--                                  159                                           006                                               117

068--                                  179                                           066                                               177                     

246--                                  357                                           008                                               119

248--                                  359                                           088                                               199

268--                                  379                                           224                                               335

468--                                  579                                           244                                               355

                                                                                          226                                               337 

                                                                                          266                                               377

                                                                                          228                                               339

                                                                                          288                                               399

                                                                                          446                                               557

                                                                                          466                                               577

                                                                                          448                                               559

                                                                                          488                                               599

                                                                                          668                                               779

                                                                                          688                                               799

In response to Goseahawks

You intended for this system to cover ALL STATES, not just WashingtonState ??

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"Extremely Popular Pairs" Below(get creativeJester)

01 02 03

12 13 23

Keep these very close to you when playing Pick 4 combos

Good thread!!

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In response to Goseahawks

Hi, Goseahawks:

How can you get the base triples? latest drawings? or others?

How many combs do you use for next drawings in general?

How long drawings do you keep by using the same combs (bet combs)?

Could you explain your method further by using some living history winning #s

for any states?

Thanks for your sincere sharing!!

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washington dont have pick 4 , but yes ..this is for all states ,that have pick 4

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to answer your question, i  don't follow the pick 4 games, and don't really play it, but,   i do know a little about what type of numbers the lottery will play most for this Washington state ,we don't have pick 4, but i still like to got on the threads to help give my input , to help someone win... and no i don't have a chart yet set up for the other types of combos, and no i cant tell u what numbers will come out for your state, u will have to use your own judgement and experience on that...look here guys, this is not a system just a chart to show you the numbers/ pairs you should be playing...again, i am not a experience pick 4 player, but i can guarantee you, that the veteran players can concur on what i have here, will help someone out .  best advise i have , is pick a group type and stick with it , you are bound to hit..good luck

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You are right. It works alot


Works a lot.  Worked both draws in Virginia yesterday.


Hello. I love the observation. Can you tell me if there's a way to know which column to play. Thanks.

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In response to trinawld

If you can find the key number for that day or'll have 5-6 triads to play for that day.

If your picks come from the ODD column. Your 4th digit will be an EVEN.

Example: NC should throw a digit 1  or 4 soon.

So you have...135x 137x 139x 157x 159x 179x 

x= all even numbers as shown above

6x5=30 unmatched combos total

If you're going with Digit 4 then your triads should come from Column 1


Good Luck!!


Thank you so much Wink

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In response to trinawld

You can track 3 even / 3 odd  for singles and doubles. Play it when you think it's ready to hit.

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