I Almost Won ! ... or... What Might Have Been !


Thought I would start a topic for "almost being a winner" ... since there is already a topic for the lucky ones who actually have won something. Maybe this thread could "help" with the pain of being so close but no brass ring.

If no one has any interest in the topic then it will die a quick death and go to Page 2 rather quickly ... after all, it takes guts for one to admit they almost made it but but fell back into the manure pile. I am sure with anyone playing the lottery on a somewhat regular basis ... they have had many close misses on many different games.

It doesn't matter what game or how much the prize or jackpot was ... whether it was a few hundred dollars or one of the big jackpots, a close miss can still be painful. Scratch games don't count ... you either win or you don't with them. Saying I had two 5 million dollar prizes showing and didn't get the "third" one means nothing ... since probably there might be 10 or 20 milllion scratch tickets printed that way.

I have had many close misses on several PA games over the years. About two weeks ago I missed again on the Cash 5 ... I forget now whether I only had one number or two numbers, the numbers were all there for a four number hit ... not the jackpot, the numbers were just one off and so it goes.

This happened to me last night (Thursday) for the PA Match 6 drawing ... I don't have a scanner to copy and print the ticket ... want to get one of those small hand held scanners one day ... it would be very useful for many things.

Anyway, the Match 6 jackpot last night was 1.8 million and the second line of numbers on my Match 6 ticket was a QP set.

The winning numbers for last night were ...

11 17 22 25 35 36 (Match 6)

11 16 21 25 35 36 (My QP numbers) ... as you can see, I was "one off" with the 16 and 21.

No cigar and yes you could say there were people even closer to winning the jackpot because they had 5 out of 6 numbers compared to my 4 out of 6 numbers but to see them all lined up like that in perfect order still stings. I got $20 for the four numbers across and $5 for having five numbers total on the ticket ... I had two 16s on the ticket.


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I'd add my story,  however, I won't due to my haters that follow me.


wow you were so close!! thats amazing. i never been that close. i only won 8 bucks the most


The winning combination is selected by drawing balls (or electrons in the case of computerized draws), not numbers. That a ball that was drawn had a label that's similar to a label on a different ball (or batch of electrons) is meaningless.

What you're calling close is just an illusion. All you really got was 4 out of 6.

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4 of 6 in Lotto 6/49 game pays $100 over here. But a twenty is better than nothing. It can get you a few Corona Extra six packs Cheers

I usually come close in the Bingo and Cash Word scratch offs but that doesn't fool me, those games are designed to make you think you're about to hit in all their cards.

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In response to maringoman

I got 4 out of 6 on January 24th on my States lotto it is pari-mutual and paid out $33.00.  This was the 5th time I had the 4 out of 6 it also was the lowest paying one I have had.  But in a lottery win it is only just 4 out of 6 doesn't matter if it close or not it doesn't win the big money.

I don't get stressed out if my numbers are one digit off or ten digits off.  If it doesn't win it doesn't win.

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In response to Saylorgirl

The best I have ever done is matching 3 of 6 in that game and its not that often either so whatever you're doing keep doing it. $33 is better than a twenty


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In response to KY Floyd

Not so fast Floyd, When the balls (if they were balls) were in the holding tubes above the tumble bin they were literally right next to each other. Because they put them in numerical order before the drawing I believe. Now how close were they when they tried to make it down the chute is anyone's guess, so is it an illusion, I think it is debatable.


I had a 5/6 a few years ago in the MO Lottery. It paid $982. Not that I am greedy, but 5/6 on any other game in the state pays multiple-thousands and I couldn't even break one. But with that said, I can say I was only 1 digit away from 2.1 million at the time.Thumbs Up

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In response to KY Floyd

Nope, I see it as one off for those two numbers.  I have to congratulate crazy wombat for coming that close.

In response to pickone4me

If you have a true story, add it and screw the so-called "haters". Remember, it is better to have the so-called haters than the so-called friends.


These are the facts- you " almost " forgot where you were when you called out Todd with your " where were you other times?". You " almost" got your A.... Kicked when you " almost" thought you more important than you really are. Calling out the Administrator for a Caged Death Match is most unwise..

i am " almost" surprised you were not launched..

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In response to mypiemaster

It involves the supercash game,  that is all I am saying at this point.


   Santathat sucks when florida made the Lotto game 6 out of 53!   stinko!Jester

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That was pretty good DA.Where you using a certain system ,wheel numbers or was just Qp ?

Say if you were to win that 2.1mil. back then,you would still have come back to Lp and post or at least read Lp every once in a blue moon  ??

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I've told this story before, but (I think) it's a funny one.

It was a dark and stormy night.  No, it really was and my Internet connection was down and had been all day so I couldn't check my ticket.  The cable was also out, so I didn't have much else to do but read and when the power in my neighborhood went out, it was read by flashlight or go to bed.  I wasn't sleepy, so I drove to the nearest convenience store and while driving there, I saw the street lights come back on;  Reddy Kilowatt was on the job.  I went on to the store and bought a soda and a stale corn dog (which I could have used to drive nails with) and while paying for my items, asked the clerk if she could print me off a slip with the winning numbers.  I came on home, threw the slip on my computer desk and  checked my computer and saw the Internet was back up.

I navigated to the Texas Lottery site but while they had the night's draw numbers up, there was still no announcement of a winner.  I grabbed up (what I thought was) my lottery ticket and checked the numbers.  Wow, got the first number right....I got the second, too!  I bet I looked like one of those little plastic drinking birds in overdrive, my head bobbing up and down checking and re-checking numbers, my eyes going from the slip to the computer monitor...I got three...four...five...I GOT ALL SIX NUMBERS!  I was rich!

By now you probably already know what it took me much longer to realize...I had checked the winning numbers slip against the website's numbers and not my actual lottery ticket.    Lemme tell ya sumpthin', feels GREAT to win the lottery.  Well, it feels great to THINK you won the lottery, anyway.  The letdown when I realized what I had done? Not so much.

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