May 9th, 2000

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I noticed that this Saturday's drawing worth $360 million would put it in position #13 all time.  Then something about position #12 caught my attention that got me thinking.  It was won on May 9th, 2000. Wow.  Has it been so long?  Todd shows as the first member here May 31st, 2000.  15 years ago?  It seems just like yesterday but when noticing it was called "the big game" i realized just how fast time flys.  It caught my attention because the year 2000 was the last year that most people in this country had it great. The 1990's had been the peak of american prosperity with the invention and broad band build out of the internet, cell phones, and computers.  The stock market had sky rocketed because of this.  Loans were plentiful and for the asking.  The money was flowing.  No wars.  Cheap oil.  Almost everybody has a job, job security, reserve bank accounts, portfolio's, house, two cars and an suv.  The future looked secured.

Then 2001 hit.  The stock market busted.  9/11 hit.  The big banks failed and were bailed out by tax payers. 15 years of war and death.  deficits out of control.  inflation.  Unemployment.  No job security.  No jobs. Jobs shipped to China.  Business failures.  Bankrupsies.  Reposessed houses.  Upside down mortgages. Rent, utilities, and gas prices exploding.  This has taken place under the controls of both parties in power. 

The country last seen it this bad from 1968-1982.  Young people today can't find jobs and have no idea how great we had it in this country between 1983-2000.  It was a time of great dreams and aspirations.

May 9th, 2000.  Two married couples match the winning numbers for $363 million and after all taxes were paid each had $60 million.  Of all the MegaMillions & PowerBall winners i think they hit at a better time than anyone else ever has.  They didn't have to go through the malaise of the last 15 years.  Congrats to them. I hope they enjoyed and appreciated the timing of their win.  Food for thought.

Keep dreaming.  Keep aspiring.  Good luck all this Saturday.


If Todd was the first member on here at age 18. Now it been 15 years. 18 + 15. He would be 33 now. You gotta be at least 18 to play the lottery. I think the person that won in 2000 was from shelby twp, MI  not to far from me.


I think Todd is 34 this year.

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In response to keepitreal

What Gives You The Impression That Todd Is 34 This Year?


If Todd was the first member on here at age 18. Now it been 15 years. 18 + 15. He would be 33 now. Maybe he was 18 in 2000 and then turned 19. He would be 34 this year


Never mind . It said on here.  Birthday  August 21, 1968 (46 years old)

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In response to keepitreal

Did you even read Lottobux's link? He wasn't 18 or 19 when he created this place.

Birthday August 21, 1968 (46 years old)

I just fix my post. I just see the link but ya. He was 32 when he made this place.


Really he was 31 when he made this place. Then later on he turned 32 because he made this place before his 32th birthday.

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