Take the "MOBS" advice from the 1995 movie "Casino"


When i win the lottery, their are a couple of things i would do. First i would change my name, then change it back a few months later.

If you folks have ever seen the 1995 Movie "Casino", their is a scene in the movie where the Mob Bosses have to appear in court, they all showed up in court in a wheelchair and all had oxygen mask on, aided with a nurse.

Soo i decided i would to the same thing at the California Lottery Office, no press conference, no photo shoots, just roll in and roll out real quite like.

With in the first week i would gracefully fire my Lawyer and Financial Planner, knowing that they were just a stepping stone. Just use them until i get the money in my scottrade account. Then hire the Lawyer and Financial Planner i intended to use all along.

Hire a Psychologist to help me with Sudden Wealth Syndrome,

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Sounds like a plan: IF you ever Win the Lottery!

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