Buster's Best Bets for NORTH CAROLINA

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I like them all but my fave to bet the big bucks on will probably be 212 since its my addy;-) Thanks as always Lottolaughs

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Hi lottolaughs,

can we have a chart for FL same as this please,thanks for all your help.

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Hi lottolaughs,  I like them all.. For today maybe 721 127

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can va get a sheet too pretty please Approve

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Thanks for the lookout!  We really need all the help we can get here in NC!

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Leave it to me to pick the wrong 2 to play!  Thanks for your help.  Maybe I will pick the right one next time!Bang Head

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Sun, Feb 8, 20152-1-2 STRAIGHT!


m3, did you get 2 for 2? You said you were playing your winning addy!!

Hello everyone,thanks for joining in! Good to see you all,hotmama... NY2NC in the house and wpb,natch :)

Let's see if Buster can do it again :)

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