Bobbi Kristina...Let's continue to pray LP

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Who's with me?

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I'm with you but how is it relevant to me winning the lottery?

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Posted under discussions to solicit continued prayers.  Her face flashed before me this morning so, if you're interested in playing Bobbi related numbers, GA did drop the year she was born 093 this week. Whitney came to me also. There are a few which I may post in my pick3/pick4 threads 


Felt the need to solicit prayers. 

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I with you, I was waiting for you to post related numbers.


I hope she makes it, but it's time to grow-up.  Her mom lift her 12 or 20 million dollars, time to grow up so regular people don't have to feel sorry for you. Sorry for my coldness but I don't have a lot of feeling for someone that is rich and using drugs.

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Just her Birth date info 

March 4 1993 Age 21 if I'm correct, is all I have. 

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I feel ya

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Date of Birth4 March1993Livingston, New Jersey, USA
Date of Birth9 August1963Newark, New Jersey, USA


She was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room on 11 February 2012.

Gave birth to her only child at age 29, a daughter Bobbi Kristina Houston-Brown (aka Bobbi Kristina Brown) on March 4, 1993. Child's father is her ex-husband, Bobby Brown.
Suffered three miscarriages during her relationship with Bobby Brown: in 1991, 1994 and 1996.
It's important to watch the dates, as they say the dead speaks from the grave all the time, she will not let us forget her, so the dates are so important.
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Blue Angel Praying.

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34 pair look good

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It's very sad, she just wants to be with her mom.

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Hoping for her quick recovery -----<----<--{@


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I Agree!yeah quick

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Personally- l stay far away from associating tragic events with the Lottery. Last year we had a certifiable nut who was attempting to use the Flight # , number of passengers onboard the missing Malaysian Plane as part of their playing strategy . .from what l recall,the Forum members did not go along with his/her thinking.

But Hey, to each his own.  That is my 2cents on this topic.


** My Prayers go out to Bobbi & her loved ones.

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