What denomination would you pick if you were to buy a whole pack of scratch off tickets?

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I am contemplateing buying a whole pack of scratchers but am hesitant for two reasons..

One,  which denomination would be the best to go for? (Other than what I can "afford")  and second, how many winners are on a roll usually and are there some rolls with no winners?  That would be my luck! 

I mean what do you think the odds are of winning your money back or more?  Or would you stay away from doing this entirely and vary your ticket purchase to say 5 tickets off various rolls..   Anyone do this very often?  Found a way that works best?

Thanks in advance for your input.



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You might want to post a question like this on the Instants forum. I've seen some conversations/comments

over there about your subject. Some players say 1/3 to 1/2 back is average.

GL on what you decide.

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Hmmm.. Interesting. I didn't know we had an instants forum? I don't recall seeing that under forums.. is that something new?



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It's the Instants (Scratch off) Games forum, you can see it on the FORUMS page.

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What denomination would you pick if you were to buy a whole pack of scratch off tickets?

Presbyterian, they'd be predestined to win (maybe).

Sorry, couldn't resist.

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In response to Coin Toss

Good one.. Coin Toss... I walked into that one didn't I? LOL



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$2. People think you can't win big on those and its not true. My biggest win on lottery tickets came from a $2 card.

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Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.


Well, if money isn't an object I'd probably go with a $5 pack, $10 pack or $20 pack.



Here in PA, $10 and $20 tickets come in $600 packs. That's probably a little rich for my blood.

If I were to do a pack, I'd probably buy a $5 pack and this is why:


$1, $2, $3 and $5 tickets come in packs of $300. There is no way Id want to scratch off 300

$1 tickets or even 150 $2 tickets. I "MIGHT" be willing to do 100 $3 tickets but for the most part

PA has never really had any $3 tickets that I've even remotely liked. So I'd probably go with my

favorite pack of $5 tickets. 60 tickets total. At least in PA anyways.



Also as far as packs go, usually your return is about 50% to slightly less. But there were plenty of

stories posted here with packs containing a $500 and a $1000 in the same pack. Really is luck of the 

draw. As far as buying a single pack vs buying the same amount of tickets from different packs, I really

think that makes zero difference. But that's my opinion.

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In response to LottoMomma


Aw shucks, you knew I was kidding.

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If you are looking to spend $600, Id go with a pack of $20 cars. Get the newest card with the most top prizes left. If $300 suits you better, Id go with the $5 card with the most top prizes left. Personally, Id pick up a couple of $20's  at about 10 different stores and hope the timing is right. I bought one $5 card yesterday and hit $1000. The $20 cards jackpots are life changing though. The best of  luck to you.


Well, my latest experience is I bought 15 $2 tickets: $25,000 Taxes Paid Scratcher tickets here in CA. I picked this game because it was a $2 ticket and I felt comfortable spending $30, and the $25K Taxes Paid jackpot was the biggest $2 ticket jackpot. The others were $20K, with one $21K ticket, and taxes were not paid for these smaller jackpot games. Oh, there is a $2 game with a $1000 For Life jackpot, which is a relatively big jackpot to be sure ($1.3M before taxes IIRC) but my experience with these For Life games is they do not have nearly as many smaller prizes, which means one can go through 10 tickets and not even win a free ticket. Oh, and taxes were not paid.

Out of the 15 $2 tickets, 5 were winners:

80 - $3

84 - $2 (Free Ticket)

92 - $3 (3 $1 winning numbers)

93 - $30 (2X $5 or $10 plus $20)

94 - $20 (2X $10)


Total: $58 for a $30 play.


Now the question is do i return and with my winnings buy the remaining tickets -- 6 tickets I guess (assuming 100 tickets per roll) on the roll and assuming the roll is still there -- or do I buy another game? Or do I go to another store and spend the winnings on 29 tickets of this same game?

What the heck. I think I'll return to the store and by the rest of the roll, the last 6 tickets. I'll see how I do and then decide what to do with the rest of the winnings.


I took one winnng ticket back to the store, a $20 winner, and bought the rest of the roll, the last 5 tickets and with the other $10 bought 2 $250,000 Taxes Paid tickets, at $5/each.

Out of the 5 $2 tickets only one (#95) was a free ticket winner. Out of the 2 $5 tickets, only one (#63) was a free ticket winner. 

So I'm left with $38 winnings from earlier and $2 and $5 from just a few minutes ago or $45 to play with tomorrow.

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In response to Turbo996

Thanks for your response /Turbo996.  It was informative and educational.  Like you based on your info, I think I too would buy the rest of that roll providing it is still there. I would like to think that there might be another couple of winners of better than just $2 or $3.

Good luck and keep me posted as I would be most curious!



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In response to maringoman

Yeah, I think I saw on this post somewhere in the 700 plus pages.. someone posted a $2 winner for like $2K.  Nice hit.. was it you?


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