Which is worse?


I often read stories on LP about dishonest clerks like the recent one with the guy "pinning".

I was just browsing Lottery news and came across a story about some burglaries in which scratch off tickets were stolen.

It seems that every couple of weeks I read stories like these. What really gripes me is that these idiots think they can actually get paid but all they are really doing is preventing someone else from winning. To make matters worse it's uncertain if Lotteries will update their remaining jackpot prize counts when this happens.

So which do you think is worse? Am I just overreacting by getting upset?


You are right. No robber would ever get away with stealing tickets as as soon as they try to cash them the red lights would go off.

And you are right on the second count. I know in Illinois returned tickets or stolen tickets would probably not be taken off the remaining prize list.

I look at that list all the time when I buy books of scratch offs. So I depend on it! I am almost at 100,000 views on youtube in just a couple months. Amazing how many people watch me scratch the books. Hope to share in the winnings with my viewers one day! I am giving away 10$20 scratch offs at end of month to my viewers. Hopefully I get someone rich!



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robbers probably think they can get away with itAgree with stupidGreen laugh

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