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Would consider your self a consistent winner,?   In my question i am not assuming you play every day or even that you play 50 different numbers at time.


I do not consider my self one when it comes to the lottery.  Out of about 100 plays I have won 6 times.  I do play mostly any order which helps.  Some exact only if I play the number in a any order play also.   My favorite game is the Cash five.  Four plays for a dollar.    My first play ever in this game I made out with 1.25. Reinvested and been hooked since.  Although in full disclosure,  My hundred plays  was over a two year period for the pick three. 


     I just started the cash five maybe about week or ten days ago.  The lotto strategy's really has my interest.  Maybe it is just something to keep my mind busy. My most recent win was two days ago when the 191, came out and I played 119.      But i was playing my normal 319 a/o  and just at the last min decided to throw another random number in there.

 usually  Play the same number untill it hits. Buying three plays in a row. Currently I am playing 666 and 319. I do not play every day but i have been using 319 for. 


I know the more numbers I play the better my chances, But truth be told do not have a system i am comfterable with nor the means to play more then 3 or four $$$ worth at a time. 

I was watching a lady who never does any order.  She plays All exact. one number in many different combos I have seen her spend close to 400 at one time. Don't know how often she hits.


Lastly  is there a way to kinda even out the odds.?  I Would like to one day be a consistent winner!!!

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I have spent way more than I have won on the lottery. I get lucky every couple years and hit for a $100+ win but have never won more than $500. I don't play scratchers much. Mostly just draw games and raffles when they had them.


Same here i am not big on scratches either,   good luck to you !!

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