hello Every one


hello every one

 I have played off and on for a while. And with so many systems out there I have been more lucky just having numbers come to me.   I have hit several times on the pick three. Just randomly,  I have started looking on line for a couple different systems and they have all brought me here. So i decided to join,  I like the pick 3 games and the Virginia cash five games. 


  I am looking to become a tru player and contributor to the site.   I have started back testing the TTT method, And the left to right method.  Where I am in VA  the left to right and right to left, has yielded me more than the TTT.

   I did see there are other here From Virginia and I hope to here from you as well as every one eles!!

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Welcome to Lp.

What is the left to right system?


I attempted to use the previous days numbers  first midday/ then midday and night.  Then add them together from left to right. ANd at the end of each row I would reverse direction.   It might have a name. I am thinking pyramid. But not sure. I also tried this with the date. 

  I  got the numbers down pretty good but i am still fuzzy on trying the dates.

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Greetings & Good Luck!

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Welcome to Lottery Post, Hereshoping$!


Thank you

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