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in the CST 245by position landed in AK/IL on the p3 side. now & again when this occurs it becomes privy 2 the p4 side. 

  • 245x by position  
  • OR drws, 10, 4 & 1PM drws are familiar with the trio but one drw is missing and the sister state is missing.  CA is missing by position.  i noticed right away that OH wasn't in the crew at all, but wouldn't u know it, it graced OH in the middle of this day as 8452 but not by position.  we can probably expect a friendly situation in IL, MO and other connectors.

now the EST  is huge so um not gonna linger there @ all, but i will say if you live in the EST, you should do a thorough search there. 11 states in your zone has certainly chewed the fat.

the hottest top two by order and by position have been:

  • 2450 has fallen 5x
  • 2453 has fallen 4x
  • 2454 has fallen only once

the hopefuls by position:

  • 245x  2450  2452  2455  2456  2457 favor

one other thing, note the2453, yep, it's one ofMaloney's Gem Triggers,now i didn't look 2 see if it's already happened but if you do get that hottie, lookfor one of Maloney's Gems to follow.

yes they can and will fall boxed, um just pointing out by position so GLSmiley

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oooOOOops, Smiley

i searched one year back by position. 

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Are you referring to actual numbers by position here, or VTRACS ???

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In response to destinycreation

hey now destinycreation,

yes, i am talking actualnumbers by position.


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