Annoyed while waiting in the lottery line - Venting

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So today while I was at lunch break playing my usual everyday tickets, the woman at the cash register was slow pressing the buttons. She had to enter how many tickets I had bought from the lotto machine and input each transaction into the cash register from the lotto machine each time. I was telling her I wanted a powerball ticket and some guy comes out of nowhere behind me, and the other clerk who was there working gave the other guy my ticket. This isn't the first time this has happened to me. I feel very annoyed and agitated when this happens. I just played another ticket. And the way I see this it could be bad or good depending if you win win or lose. Has any one else experience similar situations? I'm still annoyed between this and the drive to work today in the messy weather.

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Have you considered playing online?

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 I tried to buy some tickets on theLotter, but I got a message saying, "not available in your country", or some message like that. I'd rather buy them online if i could. I don't think in NJ you can?

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Prefill your bet slips, that way there's no potential error

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I will go to another store if the line up is too long. I get nervous standing in line up's, so if I get antsy, will walk to the store across or up the road..


Use a self-service terminal, if that option is available. NJ Lottery allows Powerball to be purchased for up to 8 draws (4 weeks) in advance. Playing ahead eliminates extra trips; helps justify making a further journey to a more competent lottery retailer to avoid such problems.

Many independent convenient stores are sketchy. One has to really watch everything. I don't even trust checking my tickets at some of them unless I know for sure they're able to cash it on the spot. While it's extremely unlikely to occur, it's conceiveable for a dishonest clerk with some tech ability to capture the serial number from the ticket checker (or less techy way by taking a pic of the redemption 2d barcode and printing it out to run through the terminal), and redeem a $600 or less winning ticket without the ticket.

The far more common scam is skimming some of the winnings. Customer brings in $100 winner, but retailer says it's only a $10 winner, and/or intentionally miscounts the cash handing over say $80 for a $100 winner - hoping the customer won't notice, and if they do, oh it was just an honest mistake.

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You should've protested then and there. Don't hesitate to say "hey I was next." Now you just have to hope that you'll end up like the Albany 7 who had a guy cut in line in front of them helping them win $319M in MM.

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A lot of places in my area require customers to fill out slips when picking their own numbers.

As for annoying, how about when someone has a billion numbers to play, and doesn't fill the slip out?  I see it a lot at my work.

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Ah yes, gotta love those too! I mostly do quick picks when it comes to the major jackpot games. 


I'm going to start playing somewhere else. I have to find one of those automated machines. 


If it's meant to be, I guess its meant to be...

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This is why I like going to the same place and having the workers be familiar with me. Usually when I end up trying another place the workers aren't nearly as competent and I immediately regret my decision.

Of course you're probably in a bigger city, so it's possible even the same store wouldn't have the same handful of workers my store here has.

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This happens to me all the time. I'm not sure why they don't just fill out slips beforehand. I just come back later.

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In response to LottoLuck777


But, you should have been more like "HEY HEY HEY.   WHAT NUMBERS DID YOU JUST GRAB?"

It sounds like you DID NOT play at an Asian or white store,  OR that the customers in your
area are not Asian or white.

I've had to change my Lotto ticket store twice, for that very reason, and the results
have improved drastically.  I don't mind traveling way, way out of my way every week.
But I know my tickets are right.

I'd been a weekly customer for 2 years at one of the stores.   And a weekly customer
at the other store for 14 years. I've been going to this new store, for just over a year,
in a tax-fee lotto state, as the drive is not so long as to forget or dread such a trip.
It's also a nice, relaxing drive.   I figure, should I hit the big prize, I'm going to move there.

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Experienced similar situations?- nope, never. We have an Ocean of convenience stores selling lottery tickets out here,you can't make a left/ right turn without running into a sign saying " play lotto here". When l see those pictures on tv with folk lining up round the block, my first reaction is " where on earth is that?"

Just about every gas station/ subway and even water emporiums are selling lottery tickets.There is absolutely no excuse for someone saying " l could not get to a lottery terminal in time out here."

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I don't use stores where the clerks ask for money if you win. I tell them to buy their own ticket? It got so bad, that I say "I was instructed to get the ticket and a recipt so they know where it was bought."  I am usually left alone at that point. Of course, i instructed myself to purchase the ticket with a receipt, so that I don't forget where it was bought.

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The only place close to me selling Keno tickets uses two clerks with two lines, but only one machine and what you described happens often. If you really believe they gave "your" jackpot winning ticket to another customer, fill out a play slip next time.

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