317 Million Now.

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It's up to 317 Million Now.

We must all encourage even more people to play a bunch more money.

Go out there and tell the public:  "Play the Lottos, Play the Lottos . . . . "

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Does your luck kick in after $500 million?

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I'm all in, waiting for wed

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In response to Groppo

Run for Your Life!

The Jackpots are Falling, The Jackpots are Falling, ...

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i had  5-11-26-31-38    (17)
i was so close to 100 bucks :(

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In response to DetroitLionBoy

Unfortunately we're not playing with horseshoes or hand grenades.

Just gonna play one ticket for PB.

Playing 5 tickets on Texas 2 Step. $725,000, 1 in 1,832,600 odds.

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Yeah, I'll stick to buying one ticket as well.

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I will splurge and get two tickets for this Wednesday.

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Skeptical guess I might as well toss in my $2 - 4


l attempted to follow the example of the recent Jackpot winner from NY by purchasing 10 tickets for last night's draw..have not checked them yet . One thing is for certain- l did not win the grand prize. 

As for " telling people to play"- we have huge flashing billboards on the side of Highways/ Freeways/ Innerstates out here advertising the Jackpots.Enough said. .

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PartyLike they say,"Two dollars and a dream" !!!  I have put in my two dollars and am just wondering what your dreams are ? 

 1. I will see if reality will let me wait a few months before cashing in the ticket. I will get professionals lined up. All my ducks in a row. The money will still be there. Will this anger some people ?

  Who would you tell ?   Thinking of...

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In response to music*

You gotta do what's right for you. Can't understand why people get upset if a winner waits to cash in a jackpot. Not sure I could wait several months. I think I would wait about a month which would be long enough to get the professionals lined up.

Then again, I'm always thinking it might be better to just take the cash out of the bank and make my own secret bank vault. If you don't actually have it in your possession, you don't have control of it.

A side note: I have a checking account, and a little savings account which is my "rainy day" fund. So if I happen to have more than 3 "rainy days" in a 30 day period, and I make more than 3 transfers or withdrawals from my savings account within 30 days, I get a friendly reminder from my bank that federal regulations prohibit that. Imagine that. MY MONEY. But they tell me how often I can get MY MONEY.

If it's not in your hands, you don't have control.

Good luck.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

I'm guessing your "rainy day fund" is in a money market fund,

and that's the reason for the limitation ?

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In response to haymaker

Just a simple savings account.

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