Two New bombshell Systems

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Experimenting with to all-states sytems
First day of Live Testing. Testing with pat draw showed an average of 2 hits per day per system.

I'm starting with 10 numbers, but hopefully with testing and tweaking we can reduce to as few as 4 or 5. If it fails on today's trial I'll scrap it. If it succeeds (and it will) I will say more...




40 minutes to judgement day!

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In NY?  No way.  591 or 822 better chance


IF IT WINS DO WE HAVE TO PM YOU OR REQUEST HOW yOUR SYSTEM WORKS through email and wait and be patient for you to respond


best of luck to you and your new systems!!!!

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<Moved to Pick 3 forum>

Please post in the appropriate forum ... thank you.

Unless you're going to describe and discuss the system itself, then this is just a posting of Pick 3 numbers, and should be posted in the Pick 3 forum.  The Systems forum is for discussing the system itself, not just a testing of numbers.

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In response to Todd

Thanks for the reminder, Todd.

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In response to Fibonacci

So close    678 NY

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Sys 2--1 Down!
Tri-State  (Mid) 697


Tenessee 784

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In response to Fibonacci

367 ga mid

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CT (mid) 897 (Box) Sys1

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Are you gonna explain?


Fib can you please use the system on kentucky tonight?  Please

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3 Straights so far

697 Tri-State (Mid)   Sys 2

697 TN (Eve)            Sys 2

265 Texas (Eve)       Syst 1

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In response to barbara57

Kentucky (Eve) 978 STRAIGHT

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