Ohio's Rolling Cash5(5/39) has a $461K jackpot

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With odds of 1:575,757 Ohio's Rolling Cash5(5/39) has a Saturday jackpot of $461K while PowerBall has a jackpot of $289M with odds of 1:195M.  It's hard to decide which game to play, maybe I should play them both.

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Now that RC5 jackpot is at $521K, it's a no brainer to pick up a couple of tickets today.

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Good Luck! Thumbs Up

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Awesome ! Jackpot worth buying a few tickets for game . Wish , I lived closer to buy a few ...

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In response to RJOh

Heck yeah.

Even just one tic gets you in the game.

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In response to rcbbuckeye

It rolled, at $595K it's even better.

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Unless you had a system that guaranteed you would break even or better like the Michigan couple that traveled to Massachusetts to play its Windfall game before it was discontinued, it would probably be a waste of time.  Most states will have a game with a large jackpot for its odds of winning sooner or later, you just have to wait and be ready when it happens.

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Well the chase is over, RC5 was finally won at $595K.  I did learn with over a 3600 drawing history there is a lot of information to look at for someone who is only a casual player.  With almost 400 combination patterns almost 20% of the winning combinations are cover by five of them.  I'll have to keep that in mind when RC5 jackpot exceed $400K and I decide to start playing it again.  Mean while I hope what I learned playing it may help me in the other two pick five games I play, MM and PB.

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