I am on a losing streak


Hi everyone,

Well these past few months have been quite depressing. I am on a losing streak. Have won nothing on the draw games and have even started playing a 20 dollar scratcher.  The first few times I played this scratcher won a hundred dollars but since then I have won nothing. The reason I started to play scratchers was because I hadn't been having any luck with the draw games. Luckily I am still tryimg to budget myself. When it comes to the scratchers I will buy one ticket in the store and if I lose will buy one more and leave. Today I bought a scratcher and lost but wasn't sure of buying one more of that same ticket and went next door to the grocery store for my shopping. We'll after shopping decided to go back to the liquor store where I had bought the scratch ticket and decided to get one more of the same one. We'll stupidly I did not ask what number the ticket was (had assumed it was the number before or after the scratcher I had bought). When I get in the car I realize it was ticket number 64 and the one I had bought 20 minutes ago was 66. I would not have bought the ticket if I had known. Most likely someone won on the ticket I didn't get. I have not scratched the number 64 one yet. 

One of the reasons I had gone almost a year before buying scratchers again is because it's so easy to get addicted to them. I have to tell myself all the time that the more spending one does on a lottery doesn't guarantee success and that I need to always remember my budget. When it comes to the draw games I only play Mega Millions when it is in the millions (the matrix makes it so hard to win anything) and with Powerball and Lucky for Life still just buy one QP.  When they change the matrix for Powerball will play far less. It seems the lottery want to make it hard for people to be able to win second place on MM and PB with their matrix changes. I remember when lots of people would win 2nd place for MM, not anymore. Will continue to keep myself in the game and try to stay on my budget but would like this losing streak to end.


There is nothing that you can do to change a losing streak, it happens. the lottery is a business and it is set up for most people to have an equal chance of losing.


Well in my state at least you can log in those losing tickets for 2nd chance drawings...Heck there's a couple of contest Im playing and I hope the scratchers are losers so I could enter them into the contest LOL.

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In response to Shelby Mustang

hoping for losersSad Cheers kinda makes me cry in my beer

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shyguitar most of us are on losing steaks, I think LOL

The difference is some of us are losing at a snail's pace and some of us at a head spinning pace. If you absolutely want to win something then play pick 3. Your wait time for a win will be less than others but the win will only be enough to buy one meal at a fancy restaurant

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I think you are backsliding and you are aware of it and this is actually good. I wish you would not look for happiness in scratchoffs.  When I am on a losing streak with the draw games, I know it just brings me closer to a small win. But I am happy with a free ticket or moving up on FJA's ranking list, etc. I think you spend too much time focusing on the lottery and really need to cultivate other interests. Isn't there a gambler's anonymous?

Sometimes your remorse is palpable and that is concerning.

In response to shyguitar

"Most likely someone won on the ticket I didn't get."

Lots of people bought and won on all the tickets you never got and and some lost on some of those tickets too. Ticket number 64 is just one of thousands, but if don't know but really believe it was jackpot winning ticket, maybe you should take a break from gambling.

"It seems the lottery want to make it hard for people to be able to win second place on MM and PB with their matrix changes."

The odds against matching the five MM numbers are 18,492,204 to 1 so it's a given they are making it hard to win. If you believe the odds are unreasonable, why are you still playing?

Your losing streak is inevitable because of the odds against winning anything. One MM ticket has only a 6.8% chance of winning something and if you play one ticket in each drawing for a year, it's likely if you do win, it will be a $1 or $2. One $2 PB ticket has a 3.1% chance of winning something with a probability it will be a $4 prize if you play every drawing for a year.

"Will continue to keep myself in the game and try to stay on my budget but would like this losing streak to end."

You'll get a much better chance of winning a prize playing $20 scratch-offs, but the the majority of prizes are Free Tickets and $20. The odds of one of any two tickets winning a prize or even the jackpot is exactly the same for consecutive tickets and two tickets from two different packets.

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In response to shyguitar

All I can say is:  MegaMillions and Powerball lottos.

That's all that matters. Play those two and hope for the jackpot which will have you set for life.

Personally, I think those scratch games are a waste of your time and money.

In addition to those two, I will play some games at a local casino.

Each time I have a significant hit there, I put the money wins back into the lotto, as there is no bigger prize to be had.

So please, please, I beg of you, let the scratchers alone. Let someone else buy them. .. . . . uh. . . . . hmmm.


Anyway, good luck on the Powerball and Megamillions lottos.

I think about them all the time. Dreaming is free, but you never know when it could become a reality.

If I ever won a major lotto, I think my hair would stand on end, and stay that way for a while.

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In response to shyguitar

I feel ya man !...I haven't hit since last august on P3 if it's any consolation.

In the end you have to look at the bright side of things.

First and foremost, beer..(and mass quantities when applicable)

Second is at least you're probably taller than Emmanuel Lewis and therefore will have no trouble meeting the height requirements to

get on rides at the amusement park 


Hope that helped Cheers

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In response to shyguitar

I'm with you there. I haven't won anything in about 7 months. I usually would win something (nothing much, 2 to 7 bucks or even a free ticket) every few weeks, now, absolutely nothing. But I did wish for my dream house to go down by $750,000 so that when I won the lottery I'd buy it and not feel guilty about spending that much on one house, and today it went down by the $750,000 in one fell swoop. No incremental decreases. Went to exactly where I wanted it, so now I just have to win the jackpot. Losing streaks have to end at some point, right?


Hi bigbear29,


i agree reed with your assessment of the lottery being a business and setting people up to have an equal chance of losing. It's just rough when you go thru periods of times when a losing streak occurs. It would just be nice to have a few wins of something.

In response to Shelby Mustang

Hi Shelby Mustang,

In my state we also have second chance drawings on some scratch tickets but the chance of being a winner that way is extremely hard. I just read of a second chance winner in my state who entered her losing 30 dollar scratch ticket and won a million (after lump sum and taxes it would be in the 400,000 range). She was the sole second chance winner from over 900,000 entries. That seemed astounding to me that there would be so many people who enter those drawings. It's wonderful for the winner but just very hard to be that second chance winner.

In response to maringoman

Hi maringoman,

i have only played pick three once. I am not really sure about how the game works in terms of the betting. I also wouldn't want to get addicted to that game because it's played twice a day. How have you been doing on scratchers and draw games? We live in the same state.

In response to Artist77

Hi Artist77.

i do agree with you that I focus on the lottery too much. I do not play every draw game and have cut my MM to only the times it goes over 200 Million. In terms of the scratchers I am nowhere where I was when I was playing them regularly. I went back to them in order to have something besides the draw games which have long odds for 2nd place. My goal on PB or MM or even Lucky For Life draw game is to win a 2nd place prize, that's why I always spend the extra dollar on PB or MM when I play it. I am not at the stage where I need to attend gambler's anonymous but if I hadn't put myself on a budget a year ago then I might have needed it.

In response to Stack47

Hi Stack47,

i do not believe the ticket that I wasn't able to get was a jackpot winner. With 25 million scratch off tickets in play and only a limited number of jackpot prizes I am realistic enough to know that most likely it wouldn't have been a jackpot ticket. I was just thinking the ticket in between the second one I bought might have won something for someone and therefore my buying the second ticket might have made no sense since it wasn't the next numbered ticket that I thought it was, I didn't realize it until I was in my car.

Yes the odds you mention on MM second place are stacked against a person but there are still other prizes to win on that ticket. I alway's pay the extra dollar on PB and MM. I have cut my spending on MM way back since the matrix change and though I play only if it's over 200 million still only play a few times.

On the scratch off 20 dollar tickets you are right about just winning 20 dollars as a prize. The way I play the scratch off' sis just to be able to keep myself in budget but it's also much more likely I will not win anything buy buying one ticket losing and buying one more and leaving a store. I just don't want to buy 5 20 dollar scratchers in hoping for a win that might just be 20 dollars or no win at all and losing 100 dollars that way. Realize the more tickets one buys in a row the more likely you will win something but also the likelihood of just chasing for that win.

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