Strategy for Pick 6

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I need if somebody could help me to get a smart way to gamble

I mean playing less with more winnings.

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Your Strategy for Pick 6, should be to play the Argentina Pick 4 game insteadStop being so Stubborn about switching strategies.

What is the Payout $$$ for the Argentina Pick 4 game ???

This is the typical payout for US Pick 4 games, in most states: In the US, Pick 4 is really the Only lottery game that is worth playing, that you have a reasonable chance of winning consistently, on a monthly basis, if you find the right strategy for yourstate, and wager properly, for maximum returns on your $$$investment.

Straight1 in 10,000$0.50
4-Way Box1 in 2,500$0.50
6-Way Box1 in 1,667$0.50
12-Way Box1 in 833$0.50
24-Way Box1 in 417$0.50
Straight/Box 4-Way1 in 2,500$1.00exact order$3,100
if match box 4-way only in any order, win $600
Straight/Box 6-Way1 in 1,667$1.00exact order$2,900
if match box 6-way only in any order, win $400
Straight/Box 12-Way1 in 833$1.00exact order $2,700
if match box 12-way only in any order, win $200
Straight/Box 24-Way1 in 417$1.00exact order$2,600
if match box 24-way only in any order, win $100
4-Way Combo Play1 in 2,500$2.00
6-Way Combo Play1 in 1,667$3.00
12-Way Combo Play1 in 833$6.00
24-Way Combo Play1 in 417$12.00


If the Argentina Pick 4$$$ Payout issimilar to the US payout, I would suggest that you get over Pick 6, and switch to playing Argentina Pick 4, instead.

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The US payout  for pick 4 is slightly different from Argentina so I´d prefer pick 6

and I know that is most difficult too.


According to the LP database [Blue Tab at the top of the page - "Results" > "AllResults on one page"], the following locations have a Pick 6 style lottery:

1) Canadian Provinces: Canada Lotto [6/49], Atlantic Canada, British Columbia,

     Canada Lotto Max, Ontario, Quebec, Western Canada

2) Germany

3) United Kingdom National Lotteries

4) Ireland

5) Puerto Rico

6) United States:

    Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Missouri, New  Jersey, New York, Virginia, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Washington State, Wisconsin,

Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware     


Perhaps some LP Members who live and play the Pick 6 style lottery in these U.S.States and other International Locations, can help you with a strategy for the Pick6 lottery.

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Florida 6/53 01/28/2015 = 03-06-09-33-37-48 what if you had wheeled . . .


I know, it's not supposed to work!  Look at . . .

Florida 6/53 01/14/2015 = 02-05-08-11-20-40 what if you had wheeled . . .



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In response to PAMPAS

You're half way there if you're playing less.  Most pick6 games have odds of 1:13M or higher and what works for one seldom works for another.  Good luck.

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In response to BobP

Interesting.. but how do you get the numbers you're wheeling...

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Didn't you notice he stated "what if you had" meaning he wished "he had" after seeing the results of the drawings.  He's probably thinking if you observe what you should have done enough times you will eventually do it.

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