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Hi, I’m new here. I’ve been looking at the site for a few weeks and the group here seems friendly, so I decided to register and introduce myself. I first played the lotto when my state allowed it years ago. My first couple of scratch offs I won a few hundred bucks, cashed them in and really didn’t think much about playing the lotto, until last year. I played for about six months, just the Mega Millions and Powerball, a $1 or $2 a week. I called it quits after I kept losing, I believe I put in somewhere about $100, I was down half that and just felt the odds were just too high to keep playing.

After talking to some co-workers that play regularly and learning some things, like losing tickets could be used as a tax deductibles against winnings, keeping all tickets for extra chances to win other prizes, and keeping stat records, I figured I'd try again and look at it as an extremely high risk investment hobby, lol, one with potential gains, but not impossible to win. I’m playing now for fun and to see if it’s possible to hit a JACKPOT!

I’m playing three games daily at the moment, with some experimentation in-between. I play the multi-state MM & PB, and the state Cash5 daily. I alternate between QPs and some hot and cold number runs, when I do claim a win and have enough, I play the $1,$2, or $5 scratch offs. So far I’ve had more luck with MM QPs & scratch off recycled wins. My highest prize this year has been $50 off a recycled $5 scratch off from a MM QP win.

I’m curious, what games do you all play, daily or weekly, what was your highest winnings, how’s your luck been this year and what strategies do you use, lol, if you don’t mind me asking?

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I like to play Cash 5 and Daily 4. Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome Jackpot! Good Luck to you See Ya!

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Welcome aboard and join the club Jackpot.. we're all trying for that "elusive" jackpot win.. perhaps your handle will give you an edge up! LOL 

I am still considered a newbie by all standards only being in the club for a few years.  I play it all.. MM, PB, Pick 6, F5, Keno, 3 digit, 4 digit.  Scratchers.  Won a little here and there, have mastered none.  Still looking at strategies. Trying to learn Vtracs, mirrors when it comes to 3 and 4 digit play and whatever new formulas and strategies or systems that come down the pike for the other bigger jackpot games. 

Keep it fun and play allot of on paper before you spend all your hard earned cash.  You will find allot of great help and contributors on the forum.  They are a great bunch.  Sit in on the fireside chat on Sunday nights and you will enjoy that as well. 

Get an idea from the group what systems to check out and invest in accordingly as there are several if that ends up being your liking depending on how serious you want to dive in.

Good Luck and hope to see you post a BIG winning ticket on here someday.



See Ya!

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Shocked Good Luck Jackpot!     Welcome & Win Big Approve

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In response to music*

i agree. welcome and i hope you get someLurking

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Thanks guys! Yea tried my luck this morning, won $2 on a $1 scratcher, redeemed for a QP PB, then bought a $10 scratcher, won a $1, lol. So, I'm down $9 for the day  Disapprove


There is something STRANGE about this thread.  Every time I click on this thread, I receive a "Malicious Website Blocked Notice", that my  MalwarebytesAnti-Malware software has BLOCKED some Malicious Website associated with this thread.  This only happens on thisparticular thread.  The warning is as follows:


port: 52693 [52732 - the port keeps changing]



Why does this warning keep happening ???   What is wrong with this particular thread ???

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In response to destinycreation

I get that message some times after a bit of browsing.  I figured I picked up a cookie some where that shows I might be interested in visiting that kind of site only mine are different types depending where I've been browsing.

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I suggest that you empty your temporary files manually. ... The page loaded twice here, I think I read, page broken ... .

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How do you empty temporary files on Windows 8.1 / and IE 11 ???

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Search in C:/ for IE, look for temporary Internet files and delete what you may delete. The regular way is to delete by using the options of IE. Select as much as possible when you are in trouble, delete all, close browser and restart it. Another, use run: %temp%, delete all, eventually skip last files, only do when needed. You find trash anywhere, you delete it. It sometimes is good to have a look at what programs are on your hd, eventually remove undesired ones. With that you should be okay. If you have MacOfie or another, you might find another option to trash rests of programs and temporary data. When it really sucks, remove IE from the programs, restart the computer and reinstall it. If the problems are cause by another browser, then delete this one first, if you want to use IE again. When the provider is causing problems, there is not much that you can do. Eventually some program is causing this, find the bad settings, and switch or remove that trash. Don't forget to use different passwords, and write them down, use different passwords. If your communication blocks, that may be the firewall, set it off to test and if necessary delete it, reinstall. MS and other offer online assistance.

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In response to destinycreation

I hear ya.. Malware Bytes did that to me today when I went to try and get the upgrade for Adobe Reader?  What's up with that?


See Ya!

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