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hello friends, I need an excel formula that can tell me the hot numbers most drawn numbers less numbers cold numbers how many times they have come out etc, these numbers are not your regular pick 3 game here in the usa, this is for a quiniela numbers in Latin America, this are double digits pick 3 numbers example 14-65-32 this are called quiniella game a kind of Spanish game pick 3, these numbers are from 1 to 100  ( NOT 0 TO 9 )and if you cant do this from 1 to 100 it can be from 0 to 99 instead, this excel file that i need must be enable to edit upload my last drawn files from my lottery so that it can read all my last drawn files to calculate an estimate the next hot numbers to play. i hope you understand my idea, if anyone knows exactly what I'm looking for i will be willing to pay a tip as a gratitude for this help after reviewing the formula of course, but i also know that it wont be a magic formula that give me the right lottery numbers but at least may help in some cases games. any help will be appreciated. THANKS


example of the drawn numbers


23-87-56        double digits pick 3 game.


NOT this bellow.

usa pick 3 are 1-2-3 single digits not what i want.


PS: or if you know any lottery software that can do this with 3 row double digits self input drawn data that can do this please let me know. thanks again.

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See Ya!Hi, this sounds interesting, hope somebody can help you with your request. Good Luck


Interesante tema ;)


if you can arrange your data into a single column,

for example  17 52 76  would be listed 

and so on........

then you could use the following formulas:

column C2 list each number that has appeared
column E2 list every number from 1 to 99
cell F2 enter   =COUNTIF($C$2:$C$34,E2)
cell G2 enter   =VALUE((COUNTIF($F$2:F2,F2)-1)*0.0001+F2)
cell I2 enter   =LARGE($G$2:$G$101,ROW(A1))
cell J2 enter   =INDEX($E$2:$E$101,MATCH(I2,$G$2:$G$101,0))
cell K2 enter   =IF(I2<1,"",ROUND(I2,1))

fill each formulas down 100 rows

column J is each number that has appeared, and column K is the frequency each number has hit

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Create a new folder and name it whatever you want.  e.g. LoteriaNacional

Download the following 2 Excel files and place them in the new folder created above


1. Open the Excel file "Draws.xlsm"

At the bottom you should see 3 Tabs.  Draws, Totals, and DrawHistory9PM

Click the tab labeled "Draws"

In this worksheet you will update your draws.  This is only if you need to add a new drawing.  Go to Step 2 below if you do not need to add a new drawing.

To add a new drawing click the toolbar located in cell range C4:C6 "CLICK TO ADD NEW DRAWING".  This will add a new row at line 20

You will need to enter the date in cell C20 and the winning 3 numbers for that drawing in cell E20, F20, and G20.

That's it.

Then save the file. Keep the "Draws.xlsm" open.


To delete the most current drawing click the toolbar located in cell range C8:C10 "CLICK TO DELETE LAST DRAWING".  This will DELETE the most recent drawing located on row 20.


2. Keep the Excel file Draws.xlsm always open.

Go to the Main Menu at the top and select FILE > OPEN and browse to the folder that contains the 2nd Excel file called "NumberSkip<snip>s.xlsm"

There are 4 Tabs at the bottom labeled "NumberSkipsDraw1", "NumberSkipsDraw2", "NumberSkipsDraw3", "NumberSkipsDrawAll".

Click the Tab labeled "NumberSkipsDraw1".  We'll use this as an example.  The other tabs follow the same routine.

This worksheet "NumberSkipsDraw1" calculates the Total Hits, Current Skips for the 1st number drawn 00  through 99). 

You can sort the calculations by clicking the toolbars located in cell D2:D3 (SORT HITS), D5:D6 (SORT SKIPS), and F4:F6 (SORT DIGITS)

The results are located in cell range H1:DE3

The tab labeled "NumberSkipsDrawAll" calculates ALL 3 numbers drawn.

Post any questions you might have.

Good Luck!!


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Yes got it thanks a lot you did a great job i will PM you shortly

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I updated the "Draws.xlsm" Excel file with last nights drawing.

Also added columns that include High/Low, Odd/Even, and Positional Skips for Front & Back digits.

Use the same download link:

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you are a master Hyperthat High/Low columns are awesome, now it can tell me exactly what the best options to play and how they may come out, after one of those number come out to follow, as they don't use computer to draws the games, this is maybe a simple way to get it one day, about the new drawlrx what are the P1 P2 MINIMUM stand for ? about the yellow numbers.



This is to Bob in Michigan who sent me a pm......

for some reason, it appears that I can't send you an answer..... it looks like LP wants me to sign up for a paid subscription, which I'm not ready to do right now.

Would you please email your question to me again at KvWllms61 at  gmail  (can't put the link, I could get banned).

However, I won't be able to answer you today as I won't be home until tomorrow

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In response to chivirico

If you take for example last nights drawing:


15 84 57

Take the 1st number 15 and Position 1 or P1 would be 1 and Position 2 or P2 would be 5

In cell range X5:X14 are the current skips for each or the P1 and P2 digits #0  through #9

Cell X14 the digit 9 is currently out 30 draws Cell Y13 the digit 8 is out 28 draws.

In cell range AG5 through AH14 are the Minimum skips for each of the Positional digits.

For example in cell AG7 you should see a 12 indicating that it's been 12 draws since the Position 1 digit 2 in all 3 of the drawn numbers. 

Cell X7=12, Cell AA7=28, and Cell AD7 = 21.  Take the minimum 12, 28, and 21 and we have 12 in cell AG7

Meaning the 2x may be a play.  20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29.  Of course you would want to narrow down your picks and also select where a "2x" will be drawn.  1st set, 2nd set, or 3rd sets.


For example in cell AH5 you should see a 12 indicating that it's been 12 draws since the Position 2 digit 0 in all 3 of the drawn numbers. 

Cell Y5=24, Cell AB5=12, and Cell AE5 = 16.  Take the minimum 24, 12, and 16 and we have 12 in cell AH5

Meaning the x0 may be a play.  00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80,90.  Of course you would want to narrow down your picks and also select where a "x0" will be drawn.  1st set, 2nd set, or 3rd sets.

Hope that answers your questions.

I updated the Draws.xlsm file with last night's drawing and added some other goodies.

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One thing I see that you have 6 consecutive "Even" numbers (00 through 99) for the 1st pick.

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Added Jan 30 2015 drawing and corrected the Odd/Even formula columns in the Draws.xlsm file

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so far is looking good i have played some bucks and get at least same amount back, easy to win one single ( xx ) number, hard to get 2 ( xx-xx ) impossible (xx-xx-xx ) but i ll keep trying, so i can share some cash with you, the bad part is to invest $$ lot extra to get the big hit, right now I'm trying to learn how long is been since xx number has not come out on Skips D1-D2-D3, but if i understand  the Skips on the side numbers says, that those numbers was the longest ( days ) time xx number took to come out from that back days, like for example 06 came out yesterday on first place, so if im not wrong on Skips D1 says 75.... so this 75 means that those days was the time it took to come out yesterday..... ok now the question is if im right on this about the 06 so isn't better or if possible to Skip D1 D2 D3 will says for example on the 06 instead of 75, that will says 2 days..., that is the longest time that this 06 had come out. i mean, it just have 2 days that came out.

Thanks again.

hope im right.

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Updated the Draws.xlsm Excel file to include color formatting of longest out skips by 1st digit and 2nd digit positions for the 1st draw pair, 2nd draw pair, and 3rd draw pair.

For tonight's 9pm drawing you might want to consider these selections:

1st Pair Drawing - 81,82,87,61,62,67,21,22,27

2nd Pair Drawing - 91,92,97,71,72,77,51,52,57

3rd Pair Drawing - 61,62,67,21,22,27,41,42,47

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