Playing the Lottery Like a Roulette Table


Would like to hear thoughts from others about playing all the high paying jackpot games in their state ... or just picking only one jackpot game and hitting it hard with all your lottery dollars.

OK ... for example let's say you have a lottery budget of $200 for the month ... I imagine most people don't spend that much but some do ... so for now, let's work with the $200 figure.

In PA the 6/49 game cost $2 a ticket but you get 3 plays or lines to win the jackpot, there are also other ways to win some money but I will go into that later. For now let's only think about a jackpot win, no lower tiers or prizes.

So in PA we have the Treasure Hunt, Cash 5, Match 6, Mega Millions and Power Ball with various jackpot prizes. So a person can take their $200 and divide it for the month playing all five jackpot games ... like covering many numbers on a casino roulette table or a person could decide to pick one of those games and concentrate their money on that one game or maybe two games, but for now let's say just "one" jackpot game.

Maybe you decide to pick one jackpot game because of the better odds or you just happen to like one game over the other games, the odds really don't matter.

Just curious if some people here are playing that way, throwing all their lottery money on one game hoping for a decent hit with more chances or do you spread the money over all the games?

Now getting back to PA and the Match 6 - 6/49 game ... PA may be the only state with a 6/49 game setup like this, where you get three lines for $2.00 ... I'm thinking most states have a $1 ticket price with only one line of six numbers printed ... not 100% sure.

However, with the PA $2 Match 6 ticket you only win the jackpot with six numbers across but since you have three lines or chances to win the jackpot the odds are considerly better in doing so ... also because there are three lines that means there are 18 numbers on the ticket ... now the 18 numbers are a separate game for the same $2 ticket price.

If you missed the jackpot win you can still win some money by hitting four numbers or more anywhere on the ticket.

So getting back to the $200 lottery money for the month ... just putting the fantasy $200 only on the Match 6 game ... that would be 11 tickets for each of the nine draws in a month totaling $198 ... but a person would have 33 sets of numbers  for each draw for a jackpot win or 198 numbers going for a smaller type win ... which can be as high as $2500 for 10 out of 18 numbers plus you would also win money if you have 3, 4 or 5 numbers across on one line, just short of six numbers for the jackpot. So you can win money two ways with all those tickets and numbers.

If your state had a 6/49 game like this, would that be more tempting to cover the 6/49 game more and less on the other jackpot games ... like I said earlier, just curious how others are playing or would play.

Maybe some others share my thoughts about "working" just one game like MM or PB or one of their state games? ... some may already be playing this way.

I will add, it is still very hard to win any money on the Match 6 game in PA but with more numbers covered there is a good chance that you will win some money through the month to put toward next month ... some months are better and then there is always the chance at the jackpot.

Also, maybe some people don't bother with the jackpot games and would work the Pick 4 or Pick 5 games but a lot more money could be involved with playing or covering those games everyday and two times a day where the MM, PB and Match 6 only have nine drawings a month ... the Treasure Hunt and Cash 5 are daily so that could influence spending $200 spread over 30 drawings a month.


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In response to Crazy Wombat

I think about how much to spend all the time. I play Texas 2 Step, Lotto, and MM without fail every week. I also buy tics for a pool at work. What I have learned over the years is that it doesn't matter if you spend $10 at a time on one game or $1 at a time on one game. It's hard to win anything. Obviously, the more tics you buy the better your chances, but the odds on jackpot games are so high that buying more tics just make hardly any dent. Remember the pro basketball player that bought $10000 worth of MM tics a couple years ago when the jackpot was at a record? He didn't win the jackpot or even second prize.

So I play several games to spread my chances of winning, instead of putting all my money on just one game.

In response to rcbbuckeye

I agree with you about being hard to win anything ... the Match 6 even with all those extra numbers for example, I can go four or five drawings in a row and win nothing. Of course I always have plenty of "just one number off" hits. I spent $8 (4 tickets) for each of the last four drawings in Jan ($32) ... won $14 last week and nothing since ... have one more shot Thursday. Not a very good return so far for $32. Lost even more earlier in the month on all the games ... but I have tickets and hope, not much else.

It's amazing how it just keeps happening, no matter what game I decide to play ... always so close.

I am playing all the jackpot games for now through Saturday and then in Feb I will mostly play MM and the Match 6, even though PB has the larger jackpot at this time. I still like chance at more millions with the extra dollar on MM. Going to work with $40 for MM since Feb only has eight drawings ... two $2 tickets with my numbers and a $1 QP ... $5 X 8 drawings.

I will play half of February this way and then switch to the 6/49 game for the rest of the month, if it doesn't get hit. It's approaching 1.6 million which would be enough to be a true millionaire ... been a long time since it went over two million dollars.

These are my plans on paper but in five minutes I could be working on a whole new game plan.


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I've been playing one ticket per draw for Cash 5, PB and MM.  Now SC has added Lucky or Life.  I'm thinking about focusing more on Cash 5 and cutting out MM and PB.  Will probably try LFL for a month or so and see what happens.


l think that one has to be realistic when it comes to winning the jackpot, any jackpot. It's like someone once said " you have to be in it, to win it" . It's the luck of the draw, no way else to explain it. It's very much like Death,winning the lottery is not a respecter of persons, you never know when it's gonna happen or to whom. I read this piece yesterday about " child molesters" winning jackpots and people end up saying". Well dammit, these people are downright evil yet they coming away with millions"..Being at the right place at the right time with the right ticket is the key to winning it all. That is one of the mysteries of the universe.

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Playing the lottery is more of a mystery. Nobody knows if or when they will win it. Right place, right time and some luck are equally important as the winning numbers.

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