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Jester Anybody have any horror stories about dishonest store clerks? Dance  i may have been ripped off for a $100,000 scratch off ticket. 

Unfortunately if you were ripped off by a clerk u probably wouldn't know it!?I Agree!

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I wouldn't be ripped off by a clerk because I check my own tickets. When I cash my tickets in I already know how much I've won in the first place so no surprises. I've also never had a clerk try to pull a fast one on me.

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Same with me. I know what the tic is worth when I cash it in. Also, the clerk has to scan the tic to see if it's a winner and how much the winning tic pays. I've never had a clerk try to cheat me, but I also buy and cash my tics at only two stores and they both know me.

I think the occasional story about bad clerks tends to stir up horror stories that are less than truthful.

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I haven't really had a problem with a store clerk trying to cheat me out of a lottery win. The place I usually stop at has a self service machine where you can buy both scratch off and draw game tickets. It has a ticket scanner and you can apply the winnings as credit toward the machine, which I do sometimes.

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I've never been ripped off. I know when I win and how much the ticket will pay.

Ya gotz to be smarter than that dere ticket you're playin'.

If you had a $100K ticket, why oh why would you entertain the idea of going to a store and not the lottery office?

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I Agree! 

The back of the tickets give all the "where and how to cash" information and say to sign the ticket before doing anything. It's getting to the point when I read stories about players getting scammed by clerks, I'm wondering how people can be that stupid.

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No offense but if you don't know if you won $100,000 or not you don't have any business playing.


In Illinois the self-scanners tell you if you won or lost, text only.

When the clerk checks it on their scanner if the ticket won anything at all the scanner plays a jingle. I'm not sure if they can turn off the sound or not but I haven't seen one fail yet.

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I Agree!love that tuneGreen laugh


Green laugh oh my goodness! well i'd have to admit that i'm not the smartest guy on the planet but i was excited and didn't feel like driving the 3 hours to lottery headquarters!?

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I've never had a problem, but I always check my own tickets before bringing them in to be cashed so I know if I won or not. If it's a small amount, say a few dollars, I cash it at a convenience store but if it's a large amount, say $50, I go to a supermarket since they have more cash on hand. So far, never been cheated.

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 Call your State's lottery office and ask for help .Wink

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I always check my own tickets when I can or go to stores that I frequent on a daily basis.


Big Smile really? do u think i'd get anywhere? it was a couple of years ago! Drum

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