Why are some members names highlighted?


In the Forum, Predictions, and Results screens I see some members names are highlighted. Can someone explain why?


Members who pay for upgrades. They get exclusive access to tools, other features and resources, and standard members don't.

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The colors represent posters who have paid for premium memberships.

  •  Standard  (free) membership provides a surprisingly full set of features and content, and is great for the occasional lottery player.
  •  Gold  membership provides access to the world's most accurate and complete lottery results database, use of exclusive Pick 3 and Pick 4 utilities such as Deflate™ and Inspector™, and gives you other premium Web features not available to free members.
  •  Platinum  membership is the ultimate collection of lottery systems, wheels, data, analysis, and features.  You can do things with a Platinum membership that are literally not possible anywhere else, because we have integrated our exclusive Lottery Post utilities with the world's most vast and accurate lottery data.  If you love playing the lottery, Platinum membership is for you!
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In response to Nact56

Click on Premium Features on the left under Quick Links for descriptions of the features and prices. It's worth it.

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