How do you compile a list of Follower Numbers ??


Does anyone know how to use the Search Past Results tool here on LP, to search the history of your state's Pick 4 game, to find a list of "Follower Numbers", for any particular number ???

For example, in the state of South Carolina, if I want to know what numbers typically Follow the number 0185 in South Carolina's lottery history, how do I figure this out, using Search Past Results, or some other LP tool/resource ???

How do you go about compiling a list of Follower Numbers, for a particular state ??

 I am not interested in Lucky's Follower System, because there is no way to backtest the accuracy of the system.  Lucky's system predicts forward. Unless I am misunderstanding something, you cannot run the system for last month's numbers.  Also, Lucky's system only covers Pick 3, not Pick 4.

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All I need is the database of drawings, that is the hardest to get, the blocker of the lottery fantasy.

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Sounds like a job for Excel! For a definative word on whether the task can be completed on LP: Ask Todd, he's the one that programmed this fine Website.

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If you can get a copy of Lotsoft, it has has the followers for every draw that is in the database. It's really cool. Great free software.

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Anything does it and Excel is probably the easiest way when you have the drawings. A list example for one digit by query:


What do you need followers for?

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FYI ... Lotsoft may be ending soon.


Lotsoft Pro 5 Users - IMPORTANT

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You can still use it, but you would have to input your own state database. It won't be maintain anymore. The original author and winsum are giving up on maintaining it. It's too time consuming.size=5

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Your example 0185 was only drawn three times so there is nothing of statistical value that "typically follows" that combination. There were 21 box hits, but still not enough data because there are 570 single and doubles combinations.

You might find some useful stuff using following digits and won't need that large of a data base.

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I've just started scratching down data on followers for my own state for some recent draws but haven't yet plugged things into a spreadsheet.  I'm curious, has anyone done any research on compiling vTracs followers?


Lucky's follower system does cover the Pick 4, I used it quite a bit but like you said the down side is that you cannot back test.  It would be great if Todd kept a history of the numbers maybe when can ask him.

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Luckys Follower Systemonly covers the Pick 3 game.  It does not cover Pick 4.  There is no option to select Pick 4 games for any state.

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You're right.  I stand corrected, meant to say the daily tracker.  These systems pretty work the same way.  If you're interested I will show you how I have got hits using.  I'm not sure if this helps you, given the way you describe what you are looking for. 

Peace and blessings

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Lucky's Daily Tracker:

Yes, I am interested in how you got hits using this system.  Is it another random numbergenerator, or is it using the lottery data from the LP state databases, to determine what numbers to play ??

[After reading about the system, I will answer my own question. The predictions are based on an analysis of specific state data

So then, the question remains, does anyone know how accurate this system tends to be, b/c you cannot back test this system.]


Chrissy16: What state do you play in ??

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Go to the daily tracker in your case go to SC, click Mid or Eve.  Now all the keys numbers are there if I am correct there are 16.  You want to just focus on the two that are at the bottom that are in red.  The vast majority of the time upcoming winning number derives from the number on the left of the two.  Simply take that number and put it in the +/- here at LP and those are the numbers to be played for the pending drawing.

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