Lotsoft Pro 5 Users - IMPORTANT

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This is to inform all users of Lotsoft Pro 5 that I will no longer be updating the draw histories as of 2/1/2015.

If anyone is interested in taking over updating you will need to perform the following:

Pay the monthly server fees which is currently around $25 per month

Know how to use Excel 2010.

Know how to upload files to Filezilla

PM if your interested. 

If I don't receive a response by next Saturday I will be discontinuing the service.

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In response to winsumloosesum

Thanks for letting us know.

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In response to winsumloosesum

Besides knowing how to use Excel 2010, paying the $25 monthly sever fee and contributing the time to do the figuring and posting, what else would be expected of the person taking over?  Do subscribers or advertisements help with the cost?

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Maybe, it's time to shut it down. I know you have spent a lot of time and money to keep it going. That is very much appreciated by myself and others. When something becomes a bore and to much of a chore, it's time to drop it.

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I have the same problem with updating and proposed that others would update the drawings of my website. Zero volunteers!

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In response to winsumloosesum

Mail For You

Steve, Thank You in Advance for your Attention

Good Sunday Wishes

Eddessa_Knight Sun Smiley

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In response to SergeM

I never saw your request for volunteers.  Is you website for lotteries played in the U.S.?

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In response to RJOh

I never saw your request for volunteers. 

It was in some thread. Suddenly there was silence.

Is you website for lotteries played in the U.S.?

The website is visited. I did no survey on who the visitors are. Some of them are people from here, others are friends on FB and I suppose that the rest are LP'ers, or friends of visitors. I don't earn on the website, there is no publicity on it, there is no charge on using a system or consulting a chart. There is no paying for posting a comment. I cannot make comments about the hosting service.

For the updating I can provide a private input page. You would get an ID and a Password. That gives me a free hand to make changes without having to worry for the input.

Eventually I can make the output private too, so only certain members get access the data. Eventually that would pay the server and a part of the time passed for programming. - Charts can be discussed with me, can be a small private forum, eventually approved requests would be programmed by me. That wouldn't be a kickstart but a project that spreads over time. I did not plan much for the site, it pretty much became what I could do without too much trouble spread over a month or two.

My internal links:

EuromillionsLotto BEMega Millions USASystemsWinsCommentsContact

I removed Turkey 6/49, there was a problem. Pick3 can be added.

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Winsumloosesum You have done your time for sure and it is much appreciated.. Patriot Hats off to you!

I have to agree With Carbob.  Was just informed and considered the idea. Just not so sure I could handle another thing to do especially to that extent.   I am familiar with how much time it takes to keep a site afloat with the rest of the world. 

I am new to Lotsoft.  I find it a fascinating tool and manually input my state draw but am sure there are those who do multiple states and depend on your efforts.


Am I correct in saying that if  no one comes forward,  LotSoft would become a standalone that individuals would have to  update their state(s) manually as needed or is there more to the loss than that?

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In response to Makenmo

When the time comes you can update any state's game manually but you would also need to click the "recalculate statistics" button.  That is once the "Live Update" is discontinued.

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In response to winsumloosesum

Is it possible to make the software so that no registration is required for full activation for those that didn't register before the passing of Ricky?

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In response to jackpotismine

I posted it in the other thread how to install Lotsoft 5 and have a fully functional version.


How to install Lotsoft Pro 5 (clean install)

I installed Lotsoft Pro 5 on an older computer running Windows XP and also registered the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games using the props.mdb file.

Here is the link to the zip file you will need along with the link to the installation exe file for Lotosoft Pro 5 program.

Lotsoft Pro 5 exe file:


Zip file containing the p3.mdb, p4.mdb, props.mdb files:


Youtube Video:

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If we have any FTP experts that want to tackle this, here is an idea

Set up an FTP server on your own computer.  Filezilla?

This would require changing a couple lines of code in the props.mdb file located in data folder.  C:\ProgramFiles\INW\Lotsoft\data\

I believe that Ricky hardcoded Lotsoft 5 to only perform Live Updates through the Brinkster FTP server.  I tried many times to change the FTP location in the props.mdb file and also set up an FTP server on my computer without any luck.

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In response to winsumloosesum

That would be great for you winsum with all you do!! If you had FTP setup on your own would you think of continuing Lotsoft? Just curious.

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In response to bootleg233

If I could somehow figure out how the heck Lotsoft Pro 5 communicates with an FTP server other than Brinkster, all I would need to do is just perform the text file updates using Excel.

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In response to SWMcCaig

You can read this thread to find out. I would suggest reading the entire thread before installing it to avoid problems. Yes, it is now free. However, I do not know if winsumlosesum wants to continue with it so you may want to check with him first.

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In response to grwurston


how  would you compare EXPERT LOTTO 5 with LOTSOFT PRO ?

for some random reason i got to use EL 5 ,and always wanted to try lot soft pro too. The expert lotto is a very, very complex tool and has many capabilities ,filters,charts ..

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In response to Igamble

I don't know. I've never heard of Expert Lotto 5 till just now.

In response to jackpotismine

Anyone know how to install the registration code to windows 8.

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Lotsoft data draw files just uploaded at 2:20 pm est.

Note: There was no Arizona Pick 3 Evening draw from Saturday February 7, 2015.

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In response to winsumloosesum

Updated Pick 3 and Pick 4 draw histories at 6:45 am this morning. 

Note: Arizona Pick 3 from Saturday was 1-7-3 and is included in this mornings update.

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In response to winsumloosesum

Hi winsumloosesum

We would need to look into this further but where the hardcoded server address is concerned if you (meaning Lotsoft users) edit your windows "Hosts" file you (winsumloosesum) won't need to mess with the hardcoded address in Lotsoft's Props.mdb file

With the windows Hosts file (every windows machine has one) you can redirect a hostname to an ip address. So it tells your PC whenever it needs to communicate with a specific hostname eg. to go to another, for eg. instead.

The process essentially re-routes all packets that would be destined to particular host to an IP address of your choice (your new FTP in this case). It should be a seamless process. 

The change to the hosts file is as simple as adding a line such the one below, where you would replace with the target IP address.


There are many tutorials online about how to edit the windows hosts file. 

Hope this helps.

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In response to thedillyo

Thanks for the info.  Sent you a PM.

If you can perform a Live Update using your computer as an FTP this would be a great help.


Could be wrong, but i think the draws for 10th and 11th feb are the same.

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In response to TrueDookie

Your correct.  Thank you for discovering the errors.

IMPORTANT:  Make a backup copy of the P3.mdb and P4.mdb files.  These are located in the C:\Program Files\INW\Lotsoft\Data folder.  Make a new folder and name it Backup Files.  Copy and paste the P3.mdb and P4.mdb files into the backup folder.


For those who have NOT performed a Live Update today (check you state(s) game(s) for duplicates, I just corrected the draw histories around 7:40 pm est Thursday evening.  You can perform a Live Update and draws should be correct.

For those who have duplicate draws you can do 1 of 2 things:

Open each of the Pick 3 and Pick 4 games and delete the duplicate draw.


Click the Live Update and select "Force Overwrite existing draws" then click "Start Live Update" button.

Important: If you have made changes to you particular states draw history, that is found errors and corrected them, by performing a "Force Overwrite" you will need go through all the draws for your particular state and make the corrections again.

Force Overwrite

Let me know if this worked!!

In response to winsumloosesum

It worked. I used the forced overwrite option and then opened up a few states at random and checked and they all seemed fine. Thanks for your great work.


Still struggling to understand the program . It's so full of great stats that help us in turn understand better these games we play.


One more thing. I notice when it is updating it says it's updating 71 draws but I only have 61 states in my list. I don't mind manually adding the missing states but how do we let them update, since those draws must be going somewhere. if it says it's updating all 71 "states" but I only have 61.

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In response to TrueDookie

what program is this...does it work on pick 3 and 4?

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In response to Vtay3171

Yes It Does.

It's Mainly A Statistical Tool With Lots Of Filters If That's What You're Looking For.

In response to LottoBux

It also has a number of fairly good predictive features, although, as with every attempt to predict random or pseudo random draws, one still has to have a plan and be selective.

1. My earlier comment about the number of draws is that there are 71 draws indeed, but in Lotsoft I only have 61.

2. Adding a state/country is easy. Importing draws--either manually or by text file-- is also straightforward.

3 Question is, how do you get a state you create to update through Liveupdate, assuming whatever you add is one of the 71 states/countries?

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