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Hey All,

Thought it is high time for a thread where everyone contributes their "pearls of wisdom" they have noticed while trying to put a lasso on these games so they can make a few bucks. I will start with a few that I have noticed over time.

1) As most know, most drawings will average a double every 3rd drawing.

2) I often find 2 doubles in a row will throw a 3rd. When that happens, I find that to be a triple trigger. If you get a whole flurry of doubles. a triple is likely to be seen within two weeks. The same holds true for back to back repeats in the same drawing. if you find the same digits just keep coming back over and over (in the same drawing) then a triple is likely soon in that drawing. 

3) When you have an "all even" or "all odd" close to it's max out for the year the opposite tends to fall just before it comes.

4) Don't chase numbers. If you have a system that gives you a few to play, play them for several days. Especially true of computer drawn games. it may take a few days to get back to the hard drive where the numbers you have chosen come back into to play. As some states use multiple hard drives.

5) If you track using software, use a full year for your systems to work with. If you find extremes, use them. As a rule, I find that most stats don't like to go pass the last max, if then do, they tend to do so only by a few days. 

I hope these help you with your game and tracking. And I can't wait to hear what "pearls of wisdom" you wish to share with the rest of us.

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Thanks Dead-Aim

Most folks here know that I play sums and pairs.

My advice is track your numbers, find a way to do it that you will understand.

Keeps your picks to 10 numbers or under, you get good at that, your half way home.

I always play my favorite str. and boxed, it's always the first number I post in the Michigan thread.

My lower tier numbers I usually box for .50 cents.

Sometimes if you have to, walk away for awhile, take a break for a few days or even weeks.

Being burnt out will take it's toll, get recharged and watch results.

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I like to track the root sums. It's a lot easier keeping track of 9 roots than 27 sums. No offense, Sully.  LOL

Don't be afraid to experiment, if you try out a new idea or method do at least 6 months of back testing. 12 months is better.

You want to find a system that works consistently over the long term. Hot for 4 months, cold for 2 is no good.

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In response to grwurston

None taken, I also track root sums, and I agree don't be afraid to experiment.

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i look at sums and longest out/overdue also i find it very helpful to look at what hit 1 week and 1 month before.  that information i find very helpful in missouri. also i keep track of QP's they form patterns in missouri also. good luck

In response to parkerdog48

Why not consider the NEXT sum  instead of  DUE  sum?

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 never throw away a ticket until you have checked it....   twice

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In response to adobea78

i believe i may add that to my work up and see how it figures in. MO likes to throw us for a loop and i WILL consider that. thanks

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In response to parkerdog48

i use hot and cold and and pick  some of both.

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In response to grwurston

Since there is a 000 wouldn't that be 10 roots and 28 sums?

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In response to Coin Toss

Yes, you are correct. But the triples don't happen that often so I don't worry about the RS 0. I mostly stick with the singles at

72% of the time. There have been only 3 triples in the past year in my state and that is the only place I play.

In response to Dead_Aim

great info from EVERYONE - thanks. 

Anyone look at repeats in any way? 

repeating digits - single digits, pairs, and all three digits

and the opposite, missing digits/pairs

then match or cross reference with sums?

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In response to DELotteryPlyr

Absolutely, that is how my charts are born. Especially where I occasionally have red hot plays (D_A picks of the week) in the charts, that is all those stats mixed with due sums. With the now defunct Versabet those stats are only a few clicks away. I would be completely lost without it, and the state charts wouldn't exist. Thanks for sharing ways of looking at things, this is cool. I appreciate everyone taking the time to share their insight.Thumbs Up

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In response to Dead_Aim

Empty oysters of experience. No pearls.

  1.     Every lottery , every game , must make them Is the law in my state, must operate at profit.
  2.      Powerball , mega millions, any game with 6 or more balls, requires blind luck and persistence. I may be little off with calculations , but putting each possible winning number on a 1 inch square sheet , and laying them beside each other. Will cover somewhere around 17 acres. That’s 144 bucks per square foot . would you pick your 5 square inches 25 bucks, in your backyard or go over 2 blocks?
  3.       Any system will work – sometimes-- no system works every time.
  4.      The lottery company , are experts, have no limits on numerology study, they know trends make runs and practice methods to interrupt them, daily each and every draw. (see rule #1)
  5.      The lottery knows what a number will cost them before it is allowed to be drawn.
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