I want to buy The smart luck software??



I know there have some subjects about the smart luck plan.  I was wondering if it's a nice purchase?


Thank you for your recomandation. It will be appreciate !



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Sounds like some of Gail Howard stuff.  I would check to make sure it will work with Windows 8 first.  She's still selling some of her old MS-Dos software which stopped working when Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP.  I think she's just telling everyone to down load a copy DosBox and use it rather than updating her software for the newer versions of Windows.


Yess, its sure that Some Gail Howard stuff works with Windows 8. Otherwise, she couldn't sell it. Now 85% of computers run with Windows 8. It should just install a small free program which sales witch.  To read option support....

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I am an avid GH fan and follower and have several of her SW programs.  What I like about her ADV Plan is that it is a one time purchase. You don't have to pay to have it upgraded year after year and that is a plus for me...unlike Lotto Pro. I have it and I do upgrade each year but I think GH ADV Plus has far more features, charts, etc.

I do have her wheeling programs also, since they go hand in hand.  I bought her book first. The lottery master guide and two weeks after reading it I hit our state Keno for $2500, so I was hooked after that. Bought allot of her books and SW programs. Still use them to this day, though I have not had a major win since, small stuff here and there.. $300 plus, $10, $20, $100, etc..  Her program will give you info, analyzation but you still have to make the end decision on what to play.

There are fans and critics as with everything but personally I love her SW and have never regretted buying it since I know someday I will hit big with it, I have no doubt. 

The only thing she doesn't cover and I don't know why, is the 3 and 4 digit lotteries. That is why I keep the Lotto Pro around now that  think about it.  I even inquired about it once with their home office Vegas and it is not even in the works. So, guess they feel she is doing enough with what she has now.

Hope this helps your decision making process.

See Ya!


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I've been using Gail's Advantage Plus for several years now. It's a great program, but to fully utilize and understand it, I would recommend you buy her Lottery Master Guide first. That way the charts and how she has it set up will all make sense.

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In response to LottoMomma

I'm Thinking Of Getting Back Into Keno This Year.

I Hit For $5k Way Back By Pure Luck Since I Rarely Play 10 Spot(Had 9 Of 10)

I'll Be Purchasing The Wheel 4 Gold For Keno.

It's Recommended That Advantage + Goes Hand In Hand With It.

Maybe I'll Buy LMG First Before I Buy The Others.

Any Thoughts.....Thinking of...




Thank you very mush to take time to write to me your recommandations.  This is very appreciated. Really.


If you have any.. pleasure  for me...




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In response to LottoBux

Hi, LottoBux..

Just saw your reply to my post this evening.  I'll have to check out your Keno in Canada.. sounds like it is a 80/10 play. A 5k win.. how sweet.  Ours for 9/10 is $2500.  Been trying for the $250K 10/10 win ever since off and on.

I hit after buying the LMG. It is a great book. I recommend it highly.. and read it two, three and 4x to get it all to sink in. Then after you have read the book you really understand the SW.  Do you have any of the GH SW currently?  You have to have the ADV Plus SW to go with the wheeling SW or it wont mean much to you, as they do go hand in hand. If you get an opportunity,  buy during the BOGO sale she has once a year and you will get some great discounts.

I have the ADV plus SW along with the Pick 5, Pick 6 and Pick 10 wheel for Keno. I have been thinking of stepping up to the plate and upgrading to the Wheel Gold series.  If you already own any current SW, you do get a deal on the latter so that helps.  I will have to check out the Wheel 4 Gold for Keno as that is a new one to me?

Her SW is great.. endless charts. No annual fees that come back to haunt you year after year. After a week of hacking around you'll know all the charts pretty much by heart without having to look at the menus for the chart you want.  And you'll decide which charts you like best and suit your selection of correct numbers to play.  Still so many I don't even use but need to start looking at more I am sure. Still trying for a major win more than a few hundred here or there.

I sparred with a good friend from Alberta  couple of years ago.. LottoAddict. He was a wealth knowledge. Don't know whatever happened to him?   But, I think his talents in the area of playing the lottery were above what he found here on the LP, so he moved on on his own.  Shame.. I had hoped we were going to be able to put our heads together for a big win.. since Canada doesn't pay taxes on lottery winnings as I understand it... correct? 

In any event.. Good luck and hope I was of some help!



See Ya!

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