Patience with yourself and the lottery

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I need to be more patient with myself when it come's to life and the lottery. How about you, as well?

I  picked some number's last night, for the keno lottery, a few showed up, but no winner last night. My instinct's were not sharp.

If I had just picked the 4 number's I thought of maybe I would of won for Keno..

The other number's I was iffy about and didn't feel strongly enough about, and they showed up.. Oh well, it is surely, a work in progress.

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When you can't focus, eliminate a fifth or fourth of the numbers to wheel and filter the others. That's like shooting with a pepper loaded loupa, you will reach target. Good luck!

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Well Elizabeth, there are some folks who have been playing & losing at the lottery for "Decades" and patience is something they cannot afford.

But whatever blows your hair back....l say ,go for it.


Extreme patience is needed when it comes to lottery.

Let's say you were could put down $20 on EVERY PB & MM drawing for the next 500,000 years and still not win.

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thats why patience is so important, spending  more or a lot more, or even too much wont effectively increase your chances. you either win or you dont. trying to hurry it along just makes you broke or annoyed.

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I Agree! When MM jackpot hit + $600M there was a baller who spent $10,000 for that drawing. Chris Singleton was that baller. I doubt he broke even. Moving and learning...

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Good Luck Elizabeth,Smiley

 Just Stick With Your Numbers For A Few Draws Or More.

Who Knows.Especially If You Believe In Those Nos.

Sometimes ,When You Switch Them Up, The Numbers You Dropped Will Hit Smiley

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I'm trying to learn patience as well. I've been sticking with sets of numbers for longer (my new years resolution) hoping I have a little better luck. I usually give up on a line or number and a few days or weeks later it comes out and I miss out on a pretty good hit and I end up kicking myself.

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That's been my strategy for the last 2 years.  I'm thinking that eventually my numbers will come up,  I play 2 lines.

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YES I have noticed that the same number's keep showing up a day or more apart, I want to play those, look at all the number's to get ahead in the lottery.

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Patients is something that isn't taught at Lottery University.LOL I've learned it the hard way. Nothing is more frustrating then ignoring numbers you think are not going to come out, yet they do and playing numbers you are dead sure that are going to drop yet they don't. We all have been there, But everything balances out eventually and patients and frustrations are eventually rewarded.Big Grin


Even if I buy 1000 tickets per week for PB or MM I can only expect to win once every 175,000 or 259,000 weeks. In the entire history of the world nobody has ever waited more than 6,370 weeks for anything.

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