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IM new here and had a big post written out and it didn't save but I haven't seen a New York thread about scratch offs yet and I'm here to

  1. Discuss locations on big winners
  2. your thoughts on your favorite scratchers 
  3. do you prefer $1,$2,$3,$5,$10,$20,$25,$30 and do you buy just one or in bulk?
  4. if you have any tips I'm willing to share theories and tips ( if you don't want to here PM me)
  5. hi everybody Smile
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Seriously? 50 views and no advice at all from anyone? There's gotta be some New Yorkers here to chat about scratch offs even if you're not from NY I'd still like to hear some opinions. Looks like I'm gunna have to fall asleep, there's no scratch off action here

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Not enough action to start a NY forum. Everyone posts to Post your scratch ticket results.  There have been a few good NY scratchers  posted like a 2$ Win For Life(3 lifes matched) and a 5k $30 Million A Year for life. I was shocked to see a bin of those new $25 7mill Golden ticket sold out already.

Also since your new you need a certain amount of posts before you can show pics.


I've only had a couple of 'big' wins on scratch offs in NYC, both $500 winners. I personally like the "For Life" games but I also have a growing distrust for NYS lottery and their increasing non transparency for winning ticket locations both scratch offs and jackpot games. And they are slow to update the Instant Game Report as well.


My advice is to call or email/write the NYS lottery and ask them to put the winners atlas back online, or to call/email/write them every time there is a 1st or 2nd place winner of your favorite scratch off and ask them for the location. Hopefully they will figure out it's better to just have the atlas online than to respond to a lot of requests.


Yup,when they migrated to the new website a couple years ago they just dropped a ton of the statistics for both the numbers games and instant games.


Winners atlas,prize odds for symbols on the instant tickets (not just dollar amounts) and believe it or not they used to show percentages for the 3/4 digit numbers and they had a "number cruncher" feature as well.


They also like to flood the new tickets with winners when they first come out,the winners disappear about a week or 2 later. When the new $25 ticket came out I was turning a slight profit on it, it was loaded with $50 and $100 it seems like 1 out of every 8 or so is a $40 or $50 winner.

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