Were you surprised that MM was won from someone in...


A State other than NJ,NY,FL,CA ... or for the heck of it, say the US Virgin Islands?

Personally: l thought that the winner would be from any of the above mentioned States. Nevertheless...

Partyto the Winner/winners from Illinois.


    *** Have a Great  Week People- and Stay Healthy.

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Wink Each ticket has the same chance of winning the jackpot.  No preference to a race,creed,gender,sexual orientation.

It is an equal opportunity purchase. Must be 18 years old or older.   Boxing

In response to music*

Right.... your response Music reminds me of this line in a movie...

" That guy has a swastika painted on his face.. No it is Not- That's an ancient Hindu symbol meaning " all is well!"

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In response to noise-gate

The Winning Ticket was Sold in Illinois:

but: The Winning Ticket was Purchased by Someone from NJ!Thud

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