New Moon Alert January 20, 2015 for Triples

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Thanks to Tungsten Chef for his thread on new moons and the likelihood of triples.  I did some research for Ontario Pick 3 and believe there is a pattern.  About 4-5 days after a new moon, or a full moon, triples seem to come out (perhaps if they are due).

The next new moon is on Tuesday, January 20 around 8:00 a.m. EST  (calculated for S. Ontario) falling at 0.30 degrees Aquarius.  If triples come out 4-5 days after this, we might see a triple around January 24-25.  At the new moon, moon is applying to Sun (1), Saturn (8), and Uranus (4), and part of fortune (possibly 0).  So, we might see 1-1-1,  8-8-8,  4-4-4, or  0-0-0.  The 44_ pair in Pick 4 is starting to play again so am wondering if it will be 4-4-4.

I also noted that in Atlantic Canada, 2-2-2 came out 2 days after the last full moon.  Tungsten Chef, do you know what city the Western Canada pick 3 is drawn, and possibly the time?

Anyone else have research or ideas on this? Tx.

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                                                 Thumbs Upall the thanks go to Black Apple. Thumbs Up

I just give the folks a heads up.

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Western Canada Pick 3 Is Drawn In Winnipeg,Manitoba At 9 Pm Local Time.

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