From the book the Power: LOA, jackpots, and money

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In the book the Power author Rhonda Byrne (the Secret) wrote about most people's attitudes toward money (we're taught it's negative), jackpot winners using the LOA to win, and why so many blow the money won.

From the book:

You can see the Law of Attraction working when people win the lottery. They imagined and felt with all their heart that they would win the lottery. They spoke about when the win the lottery, not if they win the lottery, and they planned and imagined what they would do when they won. And they won!
But the statistics on lottery winners show the real evidence of money sticking or not. Within a few years of winning the lottery, the majority of people have lost the money and are in more debt than before they won the lottery.

This happens because they used the law of attraction to win the lottery, but when they received money they didn't change how they really felt about money, and they lost it all. The money didn't stick to them.

When you don't feel good about money you repel it. It will never stick to you......

p 152 the Power

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Very interesting, Thanks Coin.

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